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Autographed Print of Atkins Jefferson (Jeff) McLemore

Description: Black and White print of Atkins Jefferson (Jeff) McLemore. The image was produced by B.F. Johnson Inc. of Washington, D.C. The image was likely created during McLemore's time in the U.S. House of Representatives (1915-1919) as delegate at-large from Texas. The image is printed on cream-colored matboard/cardstock with the image circular shaped at the center. The head and shoulders image shows McLemore wearing a dark colored suit coat, white collared shirt and tie. A round pin is on his lapel. He has gray hair and a mustache. The image is autographed, "Sincerely yours, Jeff McLemore." The signature of the company that produced the image is written in pencil at lower right, "B.F. Johnson."
Date: 1900/1929

[Portrait of a Group of Men and One Woman]

Description: Portrait of a group of eleven formally dressed men in three rows, either standing, sitting in chairs or sitting on the floor. In the middle of the group, sitting in a chair, is one woman wearing a white dress. Photograph border includes the name and logo of the portrait studio, "Driver, Commerce, Tex."
Date: 1900~
Creator: Driver

[Postcard of a Man and Baby]

Description: Postcard of a man and baby photographed outdoors. The man, wearing a suit, stands in the background beside a tree while the baby, in a white dress, stands in the foreground looking at the ground. No message is written on the back of the postcard.
Date: 1900~

[School Report Card and Class Roster]

Description: School report card and class roster, including grades for arithmetic, reading, spelling, and writing. The students listed are Alice Hammer, Ella Hammer, Granville Twity, Roy Thompson, Melvin Tarver, Gay Tarver, Ora Parker, Flora Parker, Roy Parker, Elma Parker, Sam Crownover, Charlie Moore, Eva Moore, Willie Click, Lewis Click, Ralph Hollis, Floyd Clutter, Frank Click, Henry Apple, Frank Hollis, and Lillie Apple.
Date: [1900..1901]