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"Good Night Columbine" print by Walter Ernest Webster

Description: Print of a woman wearing the clothes of a ballerina, sleeping on a couch. A man or mime (clown/jester) bends down over her as if to give her a kiss. The woman has short, blonde hair and wears a white, tutu style dress. The couch she lays upon is blue. The mime's clothing is multicolored, he wears a black hat. Most of his face cannot be seen. A tall, french door can be seen behind them along with a curtain.
Date: 1927
Creator: Webster, Walter Ernest

Nativity scene print

Description: Color print of Christian nativity scene. Mary with baby Jesus in manger at center. Three kings with gifts are on the left side. A shepherd with animals is on the right. A bright star shines above Mary. The piece appears to have been clipped from a magazine. The advertising on the back of this image is for Elgin watches, dated 1922.
Date: 1920/1930

[Portrait of Little Girl and Little Boy]

Description: Portrait of a young girl wearing a dress and smiling while sitting on a chair covered in a blanket. A young boy stands next to the chair frowning, wearing a white shirt with a bow tie, shorts, knee socks, and shoes. The photo is on a brown mat with the name of the studio printed on it, "A. A. Huckaba, Pecan Gap, Texas."
Date: 1920~
Creator: Huckaba, A. A.

[Portrait of Unknown Little Girl]

Description: Portrait of a little girl with short hair in a white dress spreading her skirt and smiling. She is also wearing white shoes and white socks with bows. The photograph is on a brown mat with the photographer's name printed on it, "A. A. Huckaba, Pecan Gap, Texas."
Date: 1920~
Creator: Huckaba, A. A.