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[Newspaper Clipping: Texas Lawmakers Laud Mr. Sam]

Description: Newspaper clipping about numerous Democratic and Republican lawmakers eulogize concerning Sam Rayburn. The newspaper clipping divided into three sections which are "devoted servant", "Fisher's comment", "influence on Congress". There is a fifteen cent coupon for Blue Plate mayonnaise on the back of the newspaper clipping.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: The Texan]

Description: Newspaper clipping about a cartoon depicting an image of the state of Texas, where a wreath hanging from the state of Texas, and a gavel on top. The text below the image is "Cartoon courtesy of Bruce Russell Los Angeles Times Copyright 1961, Times-Mirror Syndicate." On the back of the clipping is a black and white photo of some US leaders at Sam Rayburn's funeral.
Date: November 19, 1961
Creator: Russell, Bruce

[Newspaper Clipping: Victory Smiles]

Description: Newspaper clipping, about Sam Rayburn and Lyndon B. Johnson smiling because of a victory in the House and Senate. Sam Rayburn leading the House of Representatives and Lyndon B. Johnson leading Senate in the 84th Congress. On the back there is an advertisement for a steak.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Congress Tenure is Longest in History]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Sam Rayburn served longer any member in the House of Representatives and double of any Speaker of the House. Sam Rayburn as Speaker of the House, served with four presidents which include President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry S. Truman, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy. On the back of the clipping are portions of two one-panel comics, and an article concerning communism.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Flaming Cross Burns in Yard at Rayburn Home]

Description: Two newspaper clippings of an article about a cross burned in the driveway of Speaker Sam Rayburn's home, Thursday, July 26, 1956. The second clipping is a continuation of the content in the first clipping. The article includes information about an FBI investigation, Sam Rayburn's opinion on the act, and an editorial note condemning the supposed nature of the act.
Date: July 27, 1956

[Newspaper Clipping: Funeral Rites Set At 1:30 Saturday]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Sam Rayburn's funeral services for 1:30 on Saturday. There are details of what time the services will be held, what time school will be letting on Friday, what time Vice President and Mrs, Lyndon Johnson arrives on Thursday, and details about his life. On the back of the clipping are several advertisements and portions of an article about Sam Rayburn.
Date: unknown