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[Newspaper Clipping: Nation Mourns Death of Mr. Sam]

Description: Newspaper clipping about the nation mourning death of Sam Rayburn from both the Republicans and Democrats. There is a photograph of Mrs. W. A. Thomas, Sam Rayburn's sister, leaving the Risser hospital on Thursday morning being assisted into the car by H. G. Dulaney and Mrs. Joyce Lightfoot. On the back of the clippings are portions of advertisements and other articles.
Date: unknown
Creator: United Press International

[Newspaper Clipping of photos from Sam Rayburn's funeral]

Description: Newspaper clipping of two black and white photos from Sam Rayburn's funeral. The first photo shows the casket bearers carrying the casket of Sam Rayburn into the Rayburn Library, and includes a short description. The second photo shows a long line of people waiting outside the Sam Rayburn Library to view Sam Rayburn's body, and includes a short description. On the back of the clipping are portions of four comic strips.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Postal Service Represented]

Description: Newspaper clipping of a photo of postal workers who went to Washington D.C. for the Sam Rayburn commemorative ceremonies. The clipping includes a fragment of another photo of a speaker at the Sam Rayburn commemorative ceremonies. On the back of the clipping are a list of local death and an article on the Democratic Party nomination.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Rayburn Library]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an architect's drawing of the proposed Sam Rayburn Library. Underneath the image is a brief description, which also discusses the appreciation fund drive to raise money for the building. On the back of the clipping is a portion of an advertisement for the movie, "Carmen Jones."
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Services Televised]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Sam Rayburn's funeral services being televised. The crowd cheered for President Kennedy, as he rode in a closed limousine through town, to the church. There were thousands of people that came to Bonham to attend the funeral in this small town. On the back of the clipping are portions of three comic strips.
Date: unknown