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[Easter Postcard]

Description: Easter postcard with a small picture of the sun rising over the ocean and the text: "A happy Eastertide. Morn's roseate hues have decked the sky; The Lord has risen with victory; Let the earth be glad, and raise the cry, Alleluia!" Handwritten message on the back of the postcard offers Easter greetings to Lou Rayburn.
Date: April 9, 1914
Item Type: Postcard

[Easter Postcard]

Description: Easter postcard with illustrations of a cross and flowers. Text inside of the cross reads: "The good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:11." Beneath the cross, it also says: "A Holy Easter." Handwritten message on the back of the postcard inquires about Lou Rayburn's Easter plans.
Date: April 14, 1911
Item Type: Postcard

[Flower Label from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Sam Rayburn]

Description: Label for flowers sent to Sam Rayburn in honor of his sixtieth birthday from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The label has a picture of The White House and is addressed to "The Speaker of The House of Representatives." At the bottom of the label is text which reads "Perishable flowers. Keep from frost and extreme heat."
Date: January 6, 1941
Item Type: Text

Gift Card to Sam Rayburn

Description: Printed gift card. The black text is printed on a thick piece of cardstock. The text of the gift card reads: "TO HON. SAM RAYBURN, THE COAST GUARD BILL WAS THE 'BREAK 'O DAY' FOR THE PATROLMENT OF THE U.S. LIFE SAVING SERVICE WITH THEIR GRATEFUL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF YOUR EFFORTS ON THEIR BEHALF"
Date: 1907
Item Type: Text

Godey's Fashions for April 1870

Description: Print of Godey's Fashions for April 1870. The colored print showcases fashionable dresses for women from the spring of 1870. Five women stand together. A small girl stands at the front of the image, slightly to the left. She is holding a cat by the tail in her left hand and a whip in her raised right hand. The women wear dresses in colors of blue, green, red, yellow, orange, gray, and white. The small girl wears a dress in the color red. All of the gowns are floor length, full skirted dresses. Four of the women wear dresses with long sleeves and high collars. The fifth woman (at the far right) wears a sleeveless formal ball gown with a v-neck collar. All of the dresses include some or all of the following embellishments: ruffles, bows, lace, bustling, pleats, and fringe. The women stand in what appears to be a very fine room, possibly a parlor. A mirror hangs on the wall and a table with books and a photo in frame can be seen in the background. A potted plant, draperies and carpeting also make up the interior furnishings of the room.
Date: 1870
Creator: Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Fashions for January 1869

Description: Print of Godey's Fashions from January 1869. The colored print depicts five women wearing very ornate gowns. The floor-length gowns include long sleeves and high collars. Each gown has either ruffles, bows, buttons, pleats, draping, or fringe or a combination of these. The women all appear to have long hair styled up on their heads. Several of the women wear ornately adorned bonnets. The gowns, bonnets and background are colored blue, yellow, green, red, black and white. A young boy wearing a blue suit stands at the front of the women. The group appears to be standing in an elegant room, such as a parlor. There is a hutch on the right side of the print with shelves with vases, a chair on the left and drapes hanging against the wall behind the group.
Date: 1850/1969
Creator: Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Fashions for May 1865

Description: Print of "Godey's Fashions for May 1865." Color artwork of five women wearing dresses with very large, hoop skirts. The color on the image has faded. The background is composed of trees, sky and fountains.
Date: 1865
Creator: Godey's
Item Type: Artwork

"Good Night Columbine" print by Walter Ernest Webster

Description: Print of a woman wearing the clothes of a ballerina, sleeping on a couch. A man or mime (clown/jester) bends down over her as if to give her a kiss. The woman has short, blonde hair and wears a white, tutu style dress. The couch she lays upon is blue. The mime's clothing is multicolored, he wears a black hat. Most of his face cannot be seen. A tall, french door can be seen behind them along with a curtain.
Date: 1927
Creator: Webster, Walter Ernest
Item Type: Artwork

[Gunther's Candy Postcard]

Description: Postcard for Gunther's Candy. The front of the card has a picture of a snow-covered log cabin next to a lake and says underneath: "Compliments of the season. Eat Gunther's Candy and be happy."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Postcard

[High School Portrait of Teenage Boy]

Description: High school portrait of a teenage boy in a suit. Photograph is contained within a grey mat folder with the portrait studio's name printed below the photo, "Howse & Son, Commerce, Tex."
Date: unknown
Creator: Howse & Son
Item Type: Photograph

[House of Representatives Envelope]

Description: Envelope with no address and no contents, and the only text being a printed note in the left-hand corner which says: "House of Representatives."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Text

"In the Matter of Friendship" poem by Harry B. Hawes

Description: Print of a poem by Harry B. Hawes. Poem title: "In the Matter of Friendship." Printed on ivory colored paper in black ink. A facsimile of Hawe's signature is at the lower right of the printed poem. Hawes was a democrat from Missouri who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1921-1926. He served in the U.S. Senate from 1926-1933.
Date: 1869/1947
Creator: Harry B. Hawes
Item Type: Poem

[Invitation to the Sam Rayburn Library Dedication]

Description: Invitation sent from the trustees of the Sam Rayburn Foundation inviting an individual to the dedication of the Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham, Texas on October 9, 1957.
Date: October 9, 1957
Creator: Sam Rayburn Foundation
Item Type: Text

Jeanne Nash, Woman's Shops - RI 1-6911

Description: Card for Jeanne Nash from Neiman Marcus with a list of names written on the front and back; the names are associated with dates ranging from 1914 to 1966.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Jane Bartley to Medibel Bartley - March 23, 1960]

Description: Letter from Jane Bartley to Medibel (Meddie) Bartley, dated March 23, 1960, in which she writes about her disappointment with her grades and her upcoming participation in the Cherry Blossom Parade. It includes an envelope, postmarked March 24, 1960.
Date: March 23, 1960
Creator: Bartley, Jane
Item Type: Text

Nativity scene print

Description: Color print of Christian nativity scene. Mary with baby Jesus in manger at center. Three kings with gifts are on the left side. A shepherd with animals is on the right. A bright star shines above Mary. The piece appears to have been clipped from a magazine. The advertising on the back of this image is for Elgin watches, dated 1922.
Date: 1920/1930
Item Type: Artwork

[Newspaper Clipping: A Saddened President]

Description: Newspaper clipping about a photo of President John F. Kennedy having a sorrowful look on his face, when arriving for Sam Rayburn's funeral services. On the back of the newspaper clipping are partial cartoons.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Clipping

[Newspaper Clipping: As A Nation Grieves]

Description: Newspaper clipping of two black and white photos. The first photo shows a man passing the American flag at half-mast in front of the Rayburn Library, and includes a short description. The second photo shows Vice-President and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson supposedly walking towards the Sam Rayburn family home, and a includes short description. On the back of the clipping is part of a spread encouraging people to go to church.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Clipping