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"In the Matter of Friendship" poem by Harry B. Hawes

Description: Print of a poem by Harry B. Hawes. Poem title: "In the Matter of Friendship." Printed on ivory colored paper in black ink. A facsimile of Hawe's signature is at the lower right of the printed poem. Hawes was a democrat from Missouri who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1921-1926. He served in the U.S. Senate from 1926-1933.
Date: 1869/1947
Creator: Harry B. Hawes

Nativity scene print

Description: Color print of Christian nativity scene. Mary with baby Jesus in manger at center. Three kings with gifts are on the left side. A shepherd with animals is on the right. A bright star shines above Mary. The piece appears to have been clipped from a magazine. The advertising on the back of this image is for Elgin watches, dated 1922.
Date: 1920/1930

[Newspaper Clipping: As A Nation Grieves]

Description: Newspaper clipping of two black and white photos. The first photo shows a man passing the American flag at half-mast in front of the Rayburn Library, and includes a short description. The second photo shows Vice-President and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson supposedly walking towards the Sam Rayburn family home, and a includes short description. On the back of the clipping is part of a spread encouraging people to go to church.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: At Rayburn Funeral]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Captain Lehman escorting Representative John W. McCormack for Sam Rayburn's funeral service at First Baptist church. On the back is a partial photo of a group of women and a reverend standing around a large cake, as well as part of an advertisement for petticoats.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Bonhamites Urged to Keep Cars at Home Saturday]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Bonhamites being urge by the Chief of Police O.R. McKissack for them to cars at home on Saturday. The urge by the Chief is to ensure enough parking for the visitors for the funeral services of Sam Rayburn. On the back of the newspaper clipping there is a partial article about Tom Briley trio performing at the Church of the Nazarene.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: Congress Tenure is Longest in History]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Sam Rayburn served longer any member in the House of Representatives and double of any Speaker of the House. Sam Rayburn as Speaker of the House, served with four presidents which include President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry S. Truman, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy. On the back of the clipping are portions of two one-panel comics, and an article concerning communism.
Date: unknown