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Award of Oak Leaf Cluster
Letter from John E. Dahlquist, Major General, U. S. Army, to Lois M. Sinclair notifying Sinclair of the Oak Leaf Cluster award he received for heroic achievement in combat on June 12, 1944 in Italy during World War II.
French Money 50
French bill worth 50 francs, from 1944. There is an image of the French flag on the back.
Group of Soldiers in France July 1944
Photograph of a group of soldiers at Bourg de Peage, France in July, 1944. Buddy Sinclair is seated at the right.
Katie Sinclair by airplane 1944
Photograph of Katie Sinclair standing next to a P-51 airplane at the North American Aviation Inc. Dept 2 Plant A in 1944.
Katie Sinclair with Flags Italy 1944
Photograph of Katie Sinclair posing with an Italian and Nazi flag during World War II on January 29th, 1944 in Italy. Words are written on the Nazi flag.
Soldier getting in jeep 1944
Photograph of Leroy Richter posing by a jeep and Nazi flag. Richter is wearing military clothing.
Soldiers at table- France Aug 1944
Photograph of several soldiers and unidentified women around a table in Bourg de Peage, France in August 1944. The soldiers are members of the 36th Infantry Division.
Two soldiers by jeep 1944
Photograph of Leroy Richter and Leo Highsmith, two soldiers in Italy during World War II. The soldiers are standing by a jeep with the Nazi flag draped over it. Leo Highsmith was wounded at Salerno Beach but returned to the division after recuperation.
Two soldiers by jeep with weapons
Photograph of Nick, a mechanic, and Pence posing by a jeep with a Nazi flag draped over the windshield. Pence is wearing a helmet and holding a n automatic rifle.