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Katie Sinclair by airplane 1944

Description: Photograph of Katie Sinclair standing next to a P-51 airplane at the North American Aviation Inc. Dept 2 Plant A in 1944.
Date: 1944~

Katie Sinclair with Flags Italy 1944

Description: Photograph of Katie Sinclair posing with an Italian and Nazi flag during World War II on January 29th, 1944 in Italy. Words are written on the Nazi flag.
Date: January 29, 1944

Soldiers at table- France Aug 1944

Description: Photograph of several soldiers and unidentified women around a table in Bourg de Peage, France in August 1944. The soldiers are members of the 36th Infantry Division.
Date: August 1944

Two soldiers by jeep 1944

Description: Photograph of Leroy Richter and Leo Highsmith, two soldiers in Italy during World War II. The soldiers are standing by a jeep with the Nazi flag draped over it. Leo Highsmith was wounded at Salerno Beach but returned to the division after recuperation.
Date: January 1944

Two soldiers by jeep with weapons

Description: Photograph of Nick, a mechanic, and Pence posing by a jeep with a Nazi flag draped over the windshield. Pence is wearing a helmet and holding a n automatic rifle.
Date: 1944