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"The Alamo"

Description: Map of the Alamo showing the "Ground plan compiled from drawings by Capt. B. Green Jameson, Texan Army, January, 1826,Col. Ignacio de Labastida, Mexican Army, March, 1836, Capt. Ruben M. Potter, United States Army, 1841."
Date: unknown

"Fannin's Fight"

Description: One of 8 maps of battle sites of the Texas Revolution drawn to accompany A.J. Houston's 1938 volume "Texas Independence"; this map shows the Texan infantry, artillery, breastworks, and Mexican dragoons, and artillery
Date: 1938

[Good Luck Token]

Description: One of a collection of 244 miscellaneous "Texas Trade Tokens." This coin is silver-colored and has a green, four-leaf clover on one side with a horseshoe that says, "Good Luck"; on the other it has the text: "Roosevelt Buffet, Good for 1 Glass of Keg Beer, 227 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio."
Date: unknown

Military Plaza: San Antonio

Description: Engraving of a plaza with scene showing men and women, dogs, horses, and oxen. There are several buildings in the background, of different styles. In the foreground, groups of people are stopped and there are various items on the ground around them.
Date: unknown
Creator: Schott, Arthur