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[Letter from Austin with Map]

Description: Hand-written instructions concerning land surveys along the coast, signed by S. F. Austin. He mentions Duke, Nelms, and [Rales]. On the reverse, a map of the land survey is sketched with notes about dimensions. In the digital version, the first page is included twice - the second time a hand-written transcription of the letter is pictured beneath the original.
Date: November 1, 1830
Creator: Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836

Letter from David G. Burnet

Description: Letter written by clerk, N. Amory, from David G. Burnet, Secretary of State, to the Chief Justice of Montgomery County, concerning delivery of copies of the "Laws of Coahuila and Texas"
Date: unknown

Letter from Jonathan P. Coles

Description: Letter from Coles to W.C. Kelsey concerning value of land near Washington, Texas; folded; impressed wax seal in top left corner.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Miss LaFontaine]

Description: Handwritten letter from A La Fontaine to Mrs. Paul Dahlgren, asking permission to print Dahlgren's songs in a collection called "Songs of Christmas."
Date: unknown

[Letter from Sam Houston to Charles Sims, August 12, 1838]

Description: Letter with orders from Sam Houston to Charles Sims instructing him to proceed to various Indian tribes to assure them that they will have peace. The text reads: Nacogdoches, Texas 12th Aug, 1838 to Charles Sims, Sir, You will proceed to the various Tribes of Indians, and assure them them [sic], that no harm is in=tended towards them, but that the Treaty shall be [...] with them, and that they shall have their homes and their lands, and Peace will be kept with them; Tell them my words shall not perish= Let them remain at peace! It is said that whitemen [sic] intend to march against the Indians this is false! no such thing has even been thought of. Bad men may say so, but good men will not! Good men will [...]. Your Salary will be at the rate of five dollas a day. I am [...] Sam Houston.
Date: August 12, 1838
Creator: Houston, Sam, 1793-1863

Letter from William Bryan

Description: Letter from William Bryan of New Orleans to James Webb of Galveston concerning the exchange of $2,000 in Texas Treasury Bonds for Mexican and Spanish doubloons
Date: unknown

Letter of invitation

Description: Letter of invitation from Hampton Steele, president of the Native Sons of Texas, to L.J. Gregory, Boerne, TX; Steele describes himself as the oldest son of the last survivor of the Battle of San Jacinto; envelope included
Date: unknown