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Executor's Sale

Description: Notice of estate sale of Thomas Gay, deceased, for two tracts of land in Montgomery County, Texas on the west bank of the Trinity River. The notice was written in Washington County.
Date: May 31, 1842

[Lumber Company Token]

Description: One of a collection of 244 miscellaneous "Texas Trade Tokens." This token says, "Good for 50 [cents] in Merchandise in Company Store Only" on one side; on the other side, the text is difficult to read, but appears to say, "J. A. [P]arker, Lumber Co., Willis, Texas."
Date: unknown

White wedding gloves

Description: One pair of white wedding gloves with metal lacings and cloth facing. The gloves have a manufacturer's stamp inside. This pair was worn in the marriage of Bartow Angus Harper to Mary Barroe Hendrix, Montgomery Co., near Conroe, Texas, 1892
Date: unknown