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Game Animals

Description: Front and back covers of a book titled "Game Animals" from the "Bird and Animal Series."
Date: 1886
Item Type: Artwork

Land grant

Description: Land grant for 640 acres in Lamar County to William Brackein from the State of Texas, Austin; signed by Gov. George T. Wood at Austin
Date: 1883
Item Type: Text

[Letter to Simon from Edwin Harrington & Son]

Description: Papers of Alexander Simon. Letter to Simon from Edwin Harrington & Son, "Manufacturers of Iron Planers, Lathes, Drills, Patent Portable Hoists, and Other Machinists' Tools" regarding an order for a portable hoist.
Date: October 2, 1882
Item Type: Letter

Photo of Survivors of Battle of San Jacinto

Description: Photograph of the Survivors of the Battle of San Jacinto, at a meeting of the Texas Veterans' Association at Galveston c. 1880. Center row, third from left: Valentine Ignatius Burch of Tyler County, Texas. Center row, second from left: Valentine Burch. Front row, second from right: George Petty of Washington County.
Date: 1880
Creator: Naschke
Item Type: Photograph


Description: Three-arm brass protractor (a) with extensions for each arm, and mahogany case (b) with brass fittings; marked “English ca. 1880” on tag, and “TRADE MARK LONDON”
Date: 1880~