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Glass flip

Description: Eighteenth century Stiegel type paneled glass flip; with copper wheel engraving in vesica and dot design; rough pontil mark; 18th c.
Date: 1700~/1799~

[Market House, Caroline County, Va.]

Description: Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor Papers. Illustration of house; on front "Market House, Caroline County, Va. (John Baylor, 1758); on back "'New Market' Manor House, Caroline Co. Virginia. Home of the Baylors, who came from Tiverton, Devonshire, England, in 1676"
Date: 1758
Item Type: Artwork

"Bride's bottle"

Description: Clear blown glass frug or cordial bottle with enamel decoration; Steigel type, 18th to early 19th century, pewter collar, slightly lavender tint to glass
Date: 1800~

Printing type

Description: Several hundred pieces of 19th century lead printing type, including spacers, from Brenham Banner Press office
Date: 1800~/1899~

Title to Land in the Northwest Territory

Description: Certificate regarding land granted to John Crittendon for military service and signed by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, and James Madison, Secretary of State.
Date: February 1802
Item Type: Text

Embroidered sampler

Description: Very delicate sampler stitched on fine linen with embroidered verse, trees, birds, building, floral designs, geometric designs, and "Watnall School"; stretched on wooden frame and nailed with rusty handmade tacks
Date: 1804
Creator: Allcock, Mary

The Weekly Register (Baltimore, Md.), Volume 4, Number 20, Saturday, July 17, 1813

Description: Issue of The Weekly Register newspaper including an article on the first page entitled "Republic of Mexico" which is described as a "hasty" translation of the Declaration of Independence from Spain. Other articles include: Indian Council; The Direct Tax; Map of the Rapids of Miami, Shewing the situation of Fort Meigs, &c.; Interesting Topography of Ohio; Proceedings of Congress; Events of the War; and The Chronicle (France and the Allies).
Date: July 17, 1813
Creator: Niles, Hezekiah, 1777-1839
Item Type: Newspaper

Metal button

Description: Metal military button with eagle and shield design similar to U.S. Infantry officers, 1815-1821; eyehook on back
Date: 1815~/1821~

Estate Appraisal

Description: Property of Marry (sic) Powell, deceased by Erastus Smith, Alexander [Cavin] or [Carvin], Tobias E. Brashears
Date: April 15, 1820
Item Type: Text

Embroidered sampler

Description: Plain weave sampler with silk embroidery, floral border, floral motifs, and poem. Text: "In Sharon's lovely Rose, Immortal beauties/ shine; Its sweet refreshing fragrance shows;/ Its origin divine./ Pleasure is a Rose, near which there ever grows/ the thorn of evil; It is wisdom's work so carefully/ to cull the Rose, as to avoid the thorn, and let its/ rich perfume exhale to heaven in grateful adoration/ of Him who gave the Rose to blow./ Mary Louise Brown, November 2nd 1829."
Date: November 2, 1829
Creator: Brown, Mary Louisa