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100th Birthday Celebration for St. Philips Oldest Graduate

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Goldie "Bobbie" Woodward Brooks with her daughters, granddaughters and great grandchildren celebrating her 100th birthday as St. Philips College's oldest living graduate. Handwritten text on the back of the photo says, "Mrs. Brooks w/ her daughters, grand daughters, great grand kids and other relatives - 1998. Normandy Terrance Nursing Home Center" and, in the lower-right corner "Alumni Scrapebook [sic] 1998."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Certificate Presented to Artemisia Bowden]

Description: Certificate appointing Miss Artemisia Bowden, first President and Dean of St. Philip's College, as Hidalgo de San Antonio de Bejar by the Commissioners Court of Bexar County Texas
Date: February 7, 1998
Creator: The Commissioners Court of Bexar County
Item Type: Text

[Cheerleaders at a Game]

Description: Photograph of cheerleaders watching a game from a set of bleachers. Those in the front row are wearing shirts that say "Tigers" down the right side. Other spectators are visible in the background.
Date: 1973/1974
Item Type: Photograph

[Dancers at Christmas Party]

Description: Photograph of Marie Valdez and her husband dancing at the Radisson Hotel during a Christmas party; other dancers are visible in the background.
Date: 2004
Item Type: Photograph

[National HBCU Week Proclamation]

Description: Copy of a proclamation issued by President William J. Clinton for National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week in the year 2000
Date: 2000
Creator: William J. Clinton
Item Type: Text

SPC Women of Honor

Description: Photograph of women from St. Philip's College being honored during the 1996 Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women, led by Mayor William Thorton. There is handwritten text on the back of the photograph; at the top: "Ltor: Terri Hoffman, Director of Public Safety, ACCD; Alicia Reyes, Research Specialist, Public Funding and Contract Administration, ACCD; Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer, President of San Antonio College; Mayme Bailey Williams, Coordinator of Public Funding and Contract Administration, ACCD; unknown; Dr. Patricia 'Patti' Candia, Director of Student Activities; Catherine Colvin, Laboratory Technician, SPC; Rose Thomas, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, SPC" and at the bottom: "1996 Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women, Mayor William Thornton, was established 1970. Spectrum, Feb, 1998 & Campus News, Jan, 1996."
Date: January 12, 1996
Item Type: Photograph

[Staff Members Decorating for Christmas]

Description: Photograph of Veree Walker (the Bursar Office Manager) and James Crockett (an English Instructor) adjusting items under a silver Christmas tree. The two are kneeling near the tree and appear to be arranging plastic bags filled with fruit under the tree.
Date: 1973
Item Type: Photograph