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[Basketball Players]

Description: Photograph of four players from the St. Philip's College 1984-1985 basketball team. They are wearing white jump suits with blue and red stripes on the sleeves and sides of the pant legs. The blue and red letters SPC are on the front, lefthand side of the jacket. All four players are standing in a row, facing the camera with the middle two players holding a basketball. They are standing in front of steps and a building.
Date: 1984-1985

[Faculty Excellence Award Presentation]

Description: Photograph of Dr. Lanier E. Byrd presenting the Faculty Excellence Award to Rose Thomas during a graduation ceremony. They are both wearing black robes and mortarboards. They are holding a plaque between them. A St. Philip's College banner is visible in the background. The corner of a podium is visible in the lower left of the photograph.
Date: May 8, 1988

Massage Therapy Program Internship

Description: Photograph of a student giving a massage as part of the Massage Therapy Program internship. The student is masaging the upper back of a man who is lying upright on a massage table. She is wearing a uniform with a name tag. A bulletin board is visible on the wall in the background.
Date: 1980

[Photograph of Ann L. Riodan]

Description: Photograph of Ann L. Riodan, Psychology Instructor. She is wearing a brown checked shirt with khaki pants and a belt. She is holding keys in her right hand. She has a book lying in front of her. She is facing the camera and is visible from the waist up. There is a chalkboard behind her.
Date: 1986

[Photograph of Brenda G. Hill]

Description: Photograph of Brenda G. Hill, Secretary for Counseling and Student Development at Southwest Campus. She is wearing a white ruffled shirt with pink ribbon and a pink jacket. She is facing the camera and is visible from the waist up. She has her hands folded in front of her.
Date: 1986

[Photograph of Charles L. Jones, Bettye T. Gatlin and Ann Riodan]

Description: Photograph of three faculty members, from left to right: Charles L. Jones, Bettye T. Gatlin and Ann Riodan. Mr. Jones is wearing a striped shirt, tie and eyeglasses. Ms. Gatlin is wearing a striped shirt and jacket. Ms. Riodan is wearing a checked shirt and jacket. They are standing in what appears to be a hallway. Two unidentified ladies are standing with their backs to the camera in the far right of the photograph.
Date: 1980

[Photograph of Emily Staats with Student and Parents]

Description: Photograph of Emily H. Staats, Kinesiology Instructor, assisting parents and one of her Volleyball players with paperwork. She is standing to the left in the photograph and is wearing a long-sleeve shirt. The student is wearing a patterned blouse and is seated at a table with a pen in her right hand. The parents are standing behind the student. All four individuals are looking down at the table.
Date: 1987

[Photograph of Harold Batiste]

Description: Photograph of Harold Batiste, Health Service Management. He is wearing a grey jacket, a pink, blue and white striped tie and eyeglasses. He has a mustache. He is holding a book in his hands and is visible from the knees up. Bookshelves are visible behind him.
Date: 1986

[Photograph of Johnnie Walker and a Student]

Description: Photograph of Johnnie Walker, a St. Philip's College Counselor, assisting a student with transfer paperwork. She is seated on the left side of the photograph. She is wearing a long-sleeve blouse and eyeglasses. The student is seated across a desk from her. He is wearing a long-sleeve, striped shirt. Both are looking down at the paperwork on the desk. A window with a view to the outside is visible in the background.
Date: 1989

[Photograph of Mary L. Pierson]

Description: Photograph of Mary L. Pierson, St. Philip's College Employee of the Month for February 1984. She is standing beside a sign reading "'Reserved' Employee of the Month". She is visible from the knees up and is wearing a light blue short-sleeve work shirt and dark blue pants.
Date: 1984