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[Portrait of J.O. Loftin]

Description: Photograph of a painting of J.O. Loftin, President of St. Philip's College and San Antonio College from 1949 until December 1955. He is looking slightly to his left. He is visible from the waist up and is wearing a jacket, tie and eyeglasses.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Brian Fox]

Description: Photograph of Brian Fox, welcomed by the Alamo Community College District to the Board and District 8. He is visible from the knees up, standing outside a building and in front of shrubbery. He is wearing a blue long-sleeve dress shirt with a jacket draped across his left arm. He is also wearing eyeglasses.
Date: 1996

[Reception for Dr. Sherman L. Green]

Description: Photograph of reception for Dr. Sherman L. Green Jr., President of Paul Quinn College. Pictured from left to right are Oscar Eason Sr., Mrs. Doris Eason, Artemisia Bowden, Dr. Green, Mrs. Green, Dr. Green's daughter and her children, Dr. Clarence W. Norris, Sr., Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Green's sister. They are standing on a floral rug in front of a curtained window.
Date: unknown

[St. Philip's Secretariat Senate]

Description: Photograph of the St. Philip's College Secretariat Senate. Standing in the photograph from left to right are are Rita Morrison, Mary Galmore, Kitty Corbin, Hilda San Miguel and Patricia Routt. Seated in the photograph from left to right are Pauline Price, Barbara Santos and Patricia Wright.
Date: 1979