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Description: Photograph of Linda Collier, Barbara Bedford and Annette Ball seated on a wall outside a building. Ms. Collier is wearing a belted pants suit. Ms. Bedford is wearing a blue plaid pants suit. Ms. Ball is wearing a sleeveless beige and white shirt and beige pants.
Date: 1971

[Students and Faculty Before Graduation Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of students and faculty waiting outside the St. Philip's Gynasium before a graduation ceremony. Students in royal blue robes and mortarboards are lined up on the far left. Faculty in black robes and mortarboards are lined up to their right. The lines lead into the building in the background. A woman in a yellow dress is standing behind the line of faculty.
Date: 1969

[Students in the Reading Laboratory]

Description: Photograph of students in the Reading Laboratory. Four students are visible, two per table. Several other empty tables and chairs are visible in the foreground and background. Three of the students are looking down at their study materials. The fourth student appears to be holding a soda can.
Date: 1971

[Students Playing Cards]

Description: Photograph of students playing cards while seated at a table. Four male students are sitting at the table while another student looks on. Another table of students is visible in the background. Named persons are Elgin Brown (standing) and Earl Williams.
Date: 1970

[Students Working on Echo Yearbook]

Description: Photograph of two students working on the St. Philip's College Echo Yearbook. One student is seated at a typewriter. He is wearing a striped shirt, sweater and eyeglasses. The other student is seated with his back to the camera, looking at photographs laid out on a table. A bulletin board and various papers are visible in the background.
Date: 1970

[Tailoring Students Fashion Show]

Description: Photograph of tailoring students displaying their talents in the form of a fashion show. Six women are standing in groups of two each. Two women, one in a green dress and one in a purple dress, are standing on the left side of the photograph. They appear to be looking at a book together. Two other women, one in a red dress and one in a red pants suit, are standing in the middle of the photograph. Each is holding a pamphlet. Two other women, one in a white pants suit and one in a black and white patterned dress, are standing in the right of the photograph. They are standing with their hands at their sides. A table is visible in the background and another table in the foreground. Small posters are on the wall in the background. Lettering on the wall appears to say "Fashion What's New". The latter part is cut off.
Date: 1971

[Tennis Class]

Description: Photograph of Jennifer John and Walter Lee III on a tennis court beside the Norris Technical Building. They are standing on either side of a tennis net, crossing their tennis racquets. Both are wearing white shorts and t-shirts.
Date: unknown

[Tennis Class]

Description: Photograph of four females playing a doubles tennis match. The class is being held on a court beside the Norris Technical Building. The females are wearing white shorts and short-sleeve shirts. A fence, cars, houses and trees are visible in the background.
Date: 1971-1972

[Tennis Class]

Description: Photograph of four females posing in front of a tennis court, holding tennis raquets. All are wearing white shorts. Three are wearing white, collared shirts while one is wearing a St. Philip's College t-shirt.
Date: 1974

[The Tiger Newspaper Staff]

Description: Photograph of The Tiger newspaper staff. Pictured from left to right are Rudy Sandoval, Raul Galindo and Thomas Hiltz. Mr. Sandoval and Mr. Hiltz are standing behind a desk while Mr. Galindo is seated at the desk between them. Books and files are on the desk in front of them. A filing cabinet is visible in the background.
Date: 1970