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[119th Armored Engineer Battalion Bus]

Description: Photograph of two uniformed U.S. Army soldiers standing together and reading a piece of paper while standing near the open door of a 119th Armored Engineer Battalion bus. "119th Armored Engr" is written directly under its side windows.
Date: [1942..1945]

[119th Armored Engineer Battalion Bus in Germany]

Description: Photograph of a 119th Armored Engineer Battalion bus parked near a small house in Germany. The Battalion's name is painted on the side, as is a triangular logo. Men can be seen getting into either of the bus' two doors, and another soldier stands by the rear door. Bundles are strapped down on top of the bus.
Date: 1945~

[119th Armored Engineer Men at Camp Campbell, Kentucky]

Description: Photograph of some members of the 119th Armored Engineer Battalion posing together while wearing dress uniforms and garrison caps. Five men kneel in front of five standing men. Camp buildings are visible in the background.
Date: 1945~

[119th Engineer Battalion Jeep]

Description: Photograph of one of the 119th Engineer Battalion's jeeps. The vehicle has mudguards, a cable-cutter, and a driver wearing a U.S. Army uniform.
Date: unknown

12th AD Fights Near Colmar Pocket

Description: Photograph of a group of uniformed and helmeted soldiers walking through a forest beside an armored tracked vehicle. Smoke creates an obscuring haze across the photo.
Date: [1944..1945]

[12th Armored Division Band]

Description: Photograph of the 12th Armored Division Band sitting with their instruments outdoors at Camp Barkeley. Rows of uniformed soldiers sit with a variety of instruments, and a man with a conductor's baton stands in the middle of the photo with his back to the camera. A tent can be seen among small trees in the background, while a jeep is parked on a dirt path to the left.
Date: 1943~

[12th Armored Division Football Team]

Description: Photograph of the members of the 12th Armored Division's football team. Four rows of the men are arranged on stadium seating. Their names are handwritten on the back of the photo.
Date: 1945

[12th Armored Division Memorial]

Description: Photograph of a memorial to the 12th Armored Division near the Dyess Air Base in Abilene, Texas. It reads: "Dedicated to the memory of all men of the 12th Armored Division in World War II. Camp Barkeley, 1943-44." There is a list of 12th Armored Division units and division actions in the middle of the memorial. The text under that reads: "Installed by members and friends of the 12th Armored Division Association. Memorial Committee: R. O. Collier, M. R. Drum, M. L. Glover, F. G. Hatt, Jr., J. J. King, B. Leftwich".
Date: October 2001

[12th Armored Division Memorial Museum Dedication]

Description: Photograph of a large crowd of people sitting outside at the dedication service of the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum in Abilene, Texas. Several men in blue Army uniforms are seated on a raised platform in the background.
Date: October 6, 2001

[12th Armored Division Patch]

Description: Photograph of the 12th Armored Division patch engraved on the side of the Armored Forces Monument. The 13th Armored Division patch is also visible to the right, and text is engraved on the top of the monument.
Date: November 11, 1991

[12th Armored Division Quilt]

Description: Photograph of a quilt with the insignia of the 12th Armored Division surrounded by the patches of its units, on display in the 12th Armored Division museum in Abilene, Texas.
Date: October 2001

[12th Armored Division Reunion]

Description: Photograph of men and women sitting around dinner tables at a reunion for the 12th Armored Division in Louisville, Kentucky.
Date: [1950..1967]

[12th Armored Division Rodeo]

Description: Photograph of the 12th Armored Division rodeo at Abilene, Texas. There are three men and two horses in a corral, and spectators watch around its edges.
Date: 1944

[12th Armored Division Sign]

Description: Photograph of a wooden triangle that contains patches from the 12th Armored Division on a yellow field. The left leg of the triangle says "12th Armored Division," the right leg says "1942 to 1945 - Hellcats," and the base says "Suicide * BlueChip * Mystery Div. by Trappe B119" in yellow lettering.
Date: unknown
Creator: Trappe, Grant E.

[12th Armored Division Sign for a Danube River Bridge]

Description: Photograph of a sign that stands beside houses, a telephone pole, and in front of a tree. The sign reads "You are crossing the beautiful blue Danube thru courtesy of the 12th Armd Division." The lower right portion of the sign features a triangle.
Date: [1944..1945]

[12th Armored Division Veterans]

Description: Photograph of veterans holding flags while walking in a dedication parade for the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum.
Date: October 2001