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[Postcard of Indian River in Florida]

Description: Postcard of the Indian River in Florida, with a road running next to it. A handwritten note addressed to Clara Aten & Family from Col. Nevin E. Hermseige says "Hello Folks: I received your very nice card to-day, glad to hear from you, and hope you are all well. I am O.K. Mother said Carl had the mumps, I bet he looked sweet. Ha. I hope none of the rest got them. I haven't heard from Pappy K. lately either, the last I heard he was O.K. How does Woodie like the army by now? I guess everyone will be glad when it is over. It rained hard here all day, but is stopped just now, but it still looks like rain. Write when you can. As Ever. Nevin. Happy Easter."
Date: April 23, 1943
Creator: Hermseige, Nevin E.

[Postcard of Jefferson Davis Monument]

Description: Postcard of the Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, Kentucky. A handwritten note addressed to Miss Helen H. Aten from Woodrow W. Aten says "This is the first day of [?] and it was one swell day as far as weather & everything else is concerned. There was nothing at all exciting but it does take time to get into operation. We'll have more to report later. Bro Woodrow."
Date: September 13, 1943
Creator: Aten, Woodrow W.

[Postcard of Lake Near Watertown, Tennessee]

Description: Postcard of a lake surrounded with green hills, and text that says "Greetings from Watertown, Tenn." A handwritten note addressed to Miss Helen H. Aten from Woodrow W. Aten says "Hello All- Time is flying as you can see by the incorrect date. This is 8:30 AM and we are at a small town in Tenn. Next stop will be Arkansas- adress should be- Co "C" Main T Bn 12th Armd Division, Camp Chafee Arkansas. Will later be in Camp Barkley, Texas."
Date: November 1, 1943
Creator: Aten, Woodrow W.

[Postcard of Man and Alligators]

Description: Postcard of a man kneeling and praying, while alligators approach from behind, with the text of "Darky's Prayer, Florida" included. A handwritten note addressed to Mrs. Clara Aten & Family from Nevin E. Hermsinger says "Hello all: I received your card sometime ago, sorry I didn't get out while I was home, there were a lot of places I wanted to go but didn't get there. Well, maybe we'll have Hitler where the negro on the other side is pretty soon (we hope). I had a swell time while I was home, only wish I could of stayed longer, but uncle Sam said no. Hope you are all well, as I am O.K. It's awful warm here, you should have some of this weather up there to make hay. Write when you can. Nevin."
Date: July 18, 1943
Creator: Hermsinger, Nevin E.

[Soldiers at Free Servicemen's Lounge]

Description: Photograph of a group of F Company soldiers from the 44th Armored Regiment. They are posing on the steps of the free servicemen's lounge in Nashville, Tennessee. The ten uniformed men stand on either side of an older man who wears glasses and a lightly colored suit. The building has columns standing on either side of the stairway. A striped shield hangs over the brick arch of the entryway.
Date: July 1943