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[Dunn at Table]

Description: Photograph of Chief Warrant Officer Dunn seated in front of a table in the field at Camp Campbell. There are helmets and clothes on the table, and in the middle of the picture, someone's foot is stretched out towards Dunn.
Date: 1942

[Freed French Refugees]

Description: Photograph of French refugees returning to their country after being liberated from forced labor camps in Germany by the 12th Armored Division. This photo was taken in Faulquemont, France. Buildings and a vehicle of some kind are visible in the background.
Date: March 1945

[Photograph of 12th Armored Division Headquarters at Camp Barkeley]

Description: Photograph of the 12th Armored Division headquarters at Camp Barkeley, with three cars parked in front of the building and another building in the distance. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "This, too, is Camp Barkeley. The white building is one of these which makes of Div HQ. The hut at the left is our orderly room. We sleep in huts just like this."
Date: [1942..1944]