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[Danzas Voyages SA Building]

Description: Photograph of the Danzas Voyages SA building. The stone structure has multiple stories, a clock to the left, and a sign with its name. Under the building's awning, a couple of cars are visible. Much of the image, however, is obscured by a concrete wall.
Date: 1944~

[Group of Soldiers Aboard a Ship]

Description: Photograph of a group of soldiers standing on board a ship. They are wearing heavy coats and a mixture of headwear. There is a pyramid-shaped structure in the background that is comprised of several smaller interlocking triangles. A metal door appears below these triangles.
Date: 1944~

[Photograph of a Boat at Sea]

Description: Photograph of a boat sailing on a slightly uneven sea. Whitecaps break under the vessel's dark hull. Flags hang from lines secured from the mast. The small portion of the railing from the boat the photographer is standing on is visible to the lower right side of the photo.
Date: 1944~