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[Arthur Fonjemie Standing by a 12th Armored Division Sign]

Description: Photograph of Arthur J. Fonjemie wearing a United States Army uniform and standing to the right of a large white sign. The sign is painted with the image of a wheeled cannon and the number twelve inside of a triangle. The image appears between the words "Entering Area." A stack of wood is visible under the sign, and a four story building is visible in the background.
Date: 1945

[Girls of Herrlisheim]

Description: Photograph of four young women standing together in front of a long park bench. They are wearing broad black hats, white blouses adorned with red ribbons, red skirts, and black aprons with flower patterns. Trees obscure a multi-story building behind them. The first and third women are older than the other two.
Date: unknown

[Mike Romano and Joe Mizer Standing by 12th Armored Division Memorial]

Description: Photograph of Mike Romano and Joe Mizer standing on either side of a 12th Armored Division memorial. The two elderly men are wearing white jackets and yellow caps with the triangular symbol of the 12th Armored Division. A bald man with glasses stands behind Romano, and a man with a striped purple shirt stands beside Mizer. The monument itself is arrow-shaped and pointed skyward, and bears the image of a tank and a truck. A green wreath containing red flowers and a ring of white flowers sits in front of the monument.
Date: 1996~

[Roy Rightmire at Camp Barkeley]

Description: Photograph of Roy Rightmire wearing a coat and soft cap while standing near a crossroads in Camp Barkeley. Clapboard buildings with smoking chimneys are visible behind him. An attached note says that he was one of the first men from the 119th Armored Battalion to die overseas.
Date: 1942~