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[Dillingen Bridge Over the Danube]

Description: Two copy photographs of the Dillingen Bridge and the Danube River. In the top photograph, two soldiers kneel next to a sign that reads: "You are crossing the beautiful blue Danube thru courtesy of the 12th Armd Division". The second photograph shows a view of the Danube River at Dillingen, Germany.
Date: [1942..1945]

[Dumped Tanks]

Description: Three copy photographs of tanks on a muddy road. The first photograph shows a soldier kneeling next to the tracks of a Mark V German tank. In the middle photograph, several soldiers stand around a tank in a ditch off a muddy road after a snowstorm in Austria. In the last photograph, a soldier stands on top of a recovery vehicle prepared to winch a Mark IV tank out of a ditch and onto the road.
Date: May 1945

[Photographs from Europe]

Description: Three copy photographs taken in Europe during World War II. In the first photograph, Madrill Flora and Ole Kravik kneel next to a tank changing a bogie near Nuremberg. Another man stands to the left. The second photograph is a view of the mountains at the Austria border. A small town sits at the base of the mountains. The last photograph shows a house that was used to board soldiers.
Date: 1945

[Tanks in Germany]

Description: Three copy photographs of soldiers around tanks in Germany. In the top photograph, three soldiers sit around a Mark IV German tank that was bogged down and left there. In the middle photograph, a soldier identified as Barna sits on a German tank. The bottom photograph shows three soldiers, including Ole Kravik on the left, watching a tank while its tracks are changed.
Date: [1942..1945]

[Three Photos of Soldiers and Tanks]

Description: Three copy photographs of soldiers in the field. In the first photograph, soldiers change the track of a tank. The second shows a recovery crew sitting on a tank. The man to the far right wearing a top hat is Ole Kravik. In the third photograph, a soldier stands next to a tank in the field.
Date: [1942..1945]