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[Cartoon of Edward Marshall]

Description: Cartoon of a soldier being carried between two policemen, with a building labeled "P.X." in the background. a handwritten note says "Our boy Marshall after a few bottles of beer." A typed note says "Cartoon by Peter Renna (HQ-56) of new member Edward Marshall (HQ-56)."
Date: [1943..1945]
Creator: Renna, Peter

[Officers of A Company]

Description: Photograph of the officers of Company A of the 134th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion. They are Don R. Hoylor, Jr., Leroy Buck, Rupert J. Caittow, Robert Ruddy, Woodrow W. Aten, Paul Wilson, George J. Marshall, Thomas W. Lanly, Alfred R. Bauch, Walter R. Shield, C. M. Ulmer, Neal A. Taylor, William A. Bradshaw, Harper J. Brown, Harry E. Rucker, Max A. Pflueger, S. M. Cohen, Arthur B. Chapman, Jr., and Frank Hawkins.
Date: [1941..1945]

[Photograph of Cartoons by Peter Renna]

Description: Photograph of two cartoons drawn by Peter Renna. The first cartoon is of a soldier holding hands with a woman whose skirt is blowing in the wind, with a handwritten caption: "P.T.C. Renna With His Brooklyn Girl." The second cartoon is of two soldiers (Myron Rosen and Demick) whistling at a woman walking between them, with a handwritten caption: "How Our Two Great Lovers Spent Their Time In Town."
Date: [1943..1945]
Creator: Renna, Peter & Marshall, Ed
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