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[Battalion Staff]

Description: Photograph of the Battalion staff of the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion standing in front of a sign. They are, from left to right, Elmer Bright, James Withers, Edward Livaudais, Junius Smith, John McCall, Pat Harness, William Hendrix, and Edward Smith.
Date: 1944

[56th Armored Infantry Battalion]

Description: Photograph of members of HQ company of the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion. Those in the back row are Giangregario, Victor Ricketson, William Smith, William Otto, William Waddington, Jr., Albert Mollan, Elvin Waldof, Joe Sokal, Charles Allendoerfer, and Francis Kruger. The soldiers in the third row are Werner Schielke, Philip Justice, Jack Vaughn, Joseph Gallagher, Raymond Canterbury, John Tedrowe, Richard Ahlman, Carl Jenkins, Gola New, Keuster, Marion Best, Boitnott Gentry, Stanley Kubiak, Gus Proffitt, James Hollingsworth, Long, Charles Hicks, Carl Herron, Clarke, Colonge, and Elisha Rallings. Those in the second row are DeWitt, Francis Simmonds, LeGrande Quick, Joseph DaSilva, Danny Renolds, James Read, Charles McDonald, Jr., Albert Schaefer, an unidentified soldier, Joseph Ametrano, Leon Sarkis, Billey Carrigan, and Raymond Cromer. Those in the first row are Donald Conkling, Richard Hinojosa, Robert Pilling, Alex Palma, John Ostman, Daniel Knox, Roger Preist, William Desmond, Leslie Siverling, and Russell.
Date: 1945
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