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[6 Wiley College Quarterbacks]

Description: Photograph of six football players, three standing and three kneeling. A label attached to the photograph reads, "WILEY QUARTERBACKS. This sextet of Wiley Wildcat signal callers make certain there'll be no shortage during the tough SWAC campaign. Top rows: (l to [...] [...]ell Moore, Fred Dotson, Joe Dan Davis. Kneeling [...]ville, Early Holmes, Billy Henry."
Date: unknown

[3rd Anniversary for Rev. C. A. Holliday]

Description: Photograph of a 3rd anniversary celebration for Reverend C. A. Holliday at the Greater St. James Baptist Church. Rev. Holliday is standing in front of a wooden pulpit along other church leaders and choir members standing in rows behind him. A thermometer measuring cash donated for the church building fund has been placed between large bouquets of flowers in front of the pulpit, and a banner for Rev. Holliday is hung along the back wall of the church.
Date: 1955
Creator: Turner, John

[Adults and Children at a Birthday Party]

Description: Photograph of adults and children at a birthday party. A boy is handing a wrapped gift to a girl wearing a party hat with the words "Happy Birthday" printed on it. Many of the children are wearing plain party hats and there is a cluster of balloons hung from the ceiling. "Mrs. James Stewart, Jr." is written on the back of the photo.
Date: unknown

[Alpha Phi Alpha Members Around Couch]

Description: Photograph of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members standing behind a couch where several women are holding and looking at information for a Fort Worth fashion fair. The women are identified as Alphabettes and are wives of members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. "Alpha and Alphabettes Ebony Fashion Fair" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1956..2009]

[Ambassadors Debutantes]

Description: Photograph of nine Ambassadors debutantes holding flowers, standing around an archway. There is a small platform with the arch that three women are standing on, with the others on either side. "Ambassadors Debs" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1947..]

[Attendees at Women's Tea]

Description: Photograph of participants at a women's tea, including a group of eight women and two men standing in a semi-circle behind a table, with two other women sitting on either side of the table at the front. The table has a bouquet of flowers and a tea tray with a metal tea set. Handwriting on the back says, "Morningside Bapt. Church"
Date: unknown
Creator: John Turner Studio

[Baby Contest Participants]

Description: Photograph of seven women seated in folding chairs in a row in front of a low wall, each with a young, toddler-aged child in her lap. Handwritten signs behind each of the women list the names of the participants. In the background, there are several rows of seating and a cross hanging on the wall above. Handwriting on the back says, "St. James Baby Contest."
Date: unknown

[Bill Jackson Sr. and Bill Jackson Jr.]

Description: Photograph of Bill Jackson Sr. and Bill Jackson Jr. sitting in a grocery store's back office next to a desk with two typewriters on it. Bill Jackson Jr. is sitting on his father's knee. "Jackson's Groc and House of M[...], Bill Jackson, Sr. and Jr., 3-11-1964" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: March 11, 1963
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