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[Alpha Phi Alpha Members Around Couch]

Description: Photograph of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members standing behind a couch where several women are holding and looking at information for a Fort Worth fashion fair. The women are identified as Alphabettes and are wives of members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. "Alpha and Alphabettes Ebony Fashion Fair" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1956..2009]

[Dunbar Football Team]

Description: Photograph of the Dunbar Junior-Senior High School Football team posing for a group photo in front of portable buildings. The students are wearing football uniforms and the two coaches are wearing suits. The football helmets are lined up in front of the students. "Dunbar Wildcats" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1953..]

[Kids Playing Football]

Description: Photograph of kids from Kirkpatrick Junior Senior High School playing football. The kids are wearing pads and helmets and there is a coach on the field. "Kirkpatrick Wildcats in Action" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1953..]

[Runners in Starting Positions]

Description: Photograph of three runners in the starting position in front of a standing woman. They runners are named on the back of the photo; from left to right, M.T. Taylor, Cecil Carter, E.J. Bacy. The woman is identified as Marilyn Matson. Full Text from back of the photograph: "Running for their Queen L to R 1 M T Taylor - capt. of Dunbar city champs - winner of the 440 yd dash 2. Cecil Carter Senior team capt. And second in the 100 yd dash 3. E.J. Bacy - 2nd in the 1 mile run - 3rd team capt. The Qu… more
Date: [1953..]

[Women at Miss KNOK Contest]

Description: Photograph of five women posing for a photo under the Miss KNOK banner. The center woman is wearing a sash with 19[00] written on it, and holding a trophy. The banner reads "Miss KNOK contest, spo[nsore]d by The Wig Box [...] Elm [...]4644." "Miss KNOK" is written on the back of the photo.
Date: [1953..1982]
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