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Florence School

Description: Students and teacher outside of one-room Florence School.
Date: 1903 - 1910

Nora Bobo

Description: Nora Bobo, mother of Walter Fitel (detail of Bedford School, 1907 picture)
Date: 1907

People Walking Among Stockpens

Description: People walking among stock pens, some looking in them, in the town of Handley
Date: c. 1900 - 1920
Creator: Utley, Frank L.

Quanah Parker as Comanche Judge

Description: Quanah Parker as an Indian judge over the Comanches. Picture was photocopied from Texas Under Many Flags, by Clarence R. Wharton, vol. II. The photo was taken about 1900.
Date: c. 1900

Texas and Pacific Railroad Depot

Description: Built in 1900. Razed in 1931 for building of a new terminal. Horse fountain, placed in memory of Al Haney in 1893, is in the foreground.
Date: c. 1900 - 1920
Creator: Utley, Frank L.