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Aerial View of Houses in Watauga

Description: Aerial photograph of homes in Watauga, Texas, taken from quite a high position and showing the layout of several neighborhoods.
Date: 1973
Creator: Burch, Sandra

Aerial View of Northeast Mall

Description: Aerial photograph of North East Mall and surrounding homes in Hurst, Texas from a very high vantage point.
Date: 1978

British Concorde Jet

Description: British Concorde jet landed at DFW airport, with boarding ramp attached and extended.
Date: 1978
Creator: Taylor, Roland

Castleberry High School

Description: Building in foreground is Science lab-auditorium-library. Football stadium in back ground.
Date: 1973

Firefighters in Abandoned Building in Grapevine

Description: Photograph of firemen putting out a fire in an abandoned building in downtown Grapevine. One man (right) is using a shovel while a firefighter wearing fire gear (left) holds a running hose and flashlight near the area; another man wearing firefighting gear is partially visible in the doorway on the far left.
Date: May 31, 1975

Heritage Scroll Painted on the Wall of the Heritage Room

Description: Photograph of the Heritage Scroll, painted on the south wall of the Heritage Room at Tarrant County College, in the Summer of 1975. Boxes, paintbrushes and paint cans sit on the floor in front of the wall.
Date: September 1975
Creator: Warren Landry
Location Info:

Snowman Built in Winter of 1976 in Hurst

Description: Photograph of a snowman built following a 6-inch snowfall in Hurst during the winter of 1976. Located at Chisholm Park in Hurst.
Date: 1976
Creator: Mercer, Laurie