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Abandoned Mix-Mill in Vernon

Description: Photograph of the side of an abandoned building in Vernon, Texas. The building is at least two stories, and a porch is attached to the outside of the ground floor. A sign afixed to the outside of the building next to the front door reads: "We Make Our Own Feed With Mix-Mill." In the 1920s the building was a bank, a Mix-Mill in the 1940s, and in 1977 it was a residence on the upper floor and a craft shop on the bottom floor.
Date: unknown

First Traffic Light in Euless

Description: Photograph of the first traffic light placed in Euless, Texas at the intersection of Highway 183 and Main Street. There is a man standing on a ladder from the back of a work truck, adjusting the wiring for the light and a second man standing down below. Buildings are visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[Clipping with Aerial Photograph of Euless, Texas]

Description: Newspaper clipping with an aerial photograph of Euless, Texas printed May 31, 1964. The photograph was taken by Norman Bradford from a Bell Helicopter. The view is looking west across State Highway 183. The caption accompanying the photograph explains that Euless is a "City Without A Center", as architects "say that the town lacks a unifying central point". A bond program was proposed to create a civic center complex that would "give Euless a 'town square'". The population at the time was 13,000, "expected to double by 1970", according to the newspaper article.
Date: May 31, 1964

John F. Kennedy Arriving at Meacham Field

Description: Copy photograph of John F. Kennedy arriving at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas. He is being escorted by State Senator Don Kennard (left). Several men wearing suits and uniforms are visible in the background. A handwritten note at the bottom of the photo says: "To Lenora who fights for the interest of all our people. With my thanks for her friendship, advice and understanding. Don Kennard."
Date: November 21, 1963

James Grover Tarver on Stage with Barnum and Bailey Circus

Description: Photograph of James Grover Tarver, billed as the world's tallest man, on stage at the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Tarver is wearing a dark-colored shirt, slacks, and hat and is standing in the middle of the stage with his arms outstretched. A man wearing a light-colored suit is standing on a wooden chair with his arms outstretched to measure the difference and is looking over his shoulder at the camera. Other men in suits are standing on either side of the men and on the ground next to the stage. A large sign behind the stage says, "Carl Hagenbeck and Great Wallace combined museum vaudeville and minstrel, world's most comp[rehens]ive gathering of stran[ge peo]ple, novel [...pe]rformances."
Date: unknown

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train in Abilene

Description: Close-up photograph of the back of a wooden wagon, that was part of the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train while it was parked in Abilene, Texas. The wooden door at the back of the wagon is folded down and has wooden stairs to get into the bed and the canvas covering over the back is partially rolled up. A small sign on the side says, "This 'Prairie Schooner' or Conastoga Wagon was also in this Bicentennial Wagon Train of 1976."
Date: July 6, 1986
Creator: Cirincione, Nick

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train in Abilene

Description: Photograph of the side of a wooden, enclosed wagon that was part of the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train, while it was stopped in Abilene, Texas. Text in the center of the wagon says "1836 Texas 1986, Sesquicentennial, Wichester Commemorative Rifle." Additional text says "Glen's Sporting Goods, Irving, Texas" on the left and "A product of the Texas Wagon Train" on the right. Below, on the box portion of the wagon, another sign says "The Homeplace Horse & Buggy Company, Dallas, Texas."
Date: June 7, 1986
Creator: Cirincione, Nick

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Crossing Sign in Sierra Blanca

Description: Photograph of a temporary road sign in Sierra Blanca, Texas, posted at the crossing where the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train passed through the area. The main sign is a diamond shape with an image of a horse-drawn covered wagon above the text "XING." A rectangular sign above says "Limited Sight Distance." Mountains are visible in the background.
Date: April 7, 1986
Creator: Cirincione, Nick

Andy Nelson Postcard

Description: Postcard with a photo of Andy Nelson in a wagon. He was born in slavery in 1862. His life spanned from slavery to the Civil Rights movement. Andy served for 35 years as the Worshipful Master of the Mosier Valley Masonic Lodge No. 103 until his death in 1960. He served on several grand juries in the 1950s. He posed for this postcard in 1912.
Date: 1912
Creator: Lessie