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Total Solar Eclipse in Fort Worth (1878)

Description: Photograph of seven astronomers -- Leonard Waldo, R.W. Wilson, J.K. Rees, W.H. Pulsifer, F.E. Seagrave, Alfred Freeman, and A.M. Britton -- with various telescopes set up out-of-doors near a large wooden barn or other structure. According to accompanying information they are on the S.W. Lomax farm, waiting to observe the total solar eclipse that happened on July 29, 1878.
Date: July 29, 1878

Ten Notable Black Individuals

Description: Portraits of ten notable black Americans organized in two rows with oval-shaped portraits on the top row and rectangular ones along the bottom. In each portrait, the person is visible from the chest or neck, up and his or her name is written below: P.E. Seay, Mrs. V.T. Tinsley, Mrs. Clarice Redd, Dudley Redd, Mrs. L. M. Johnson, Mrs. Olga Lov, Mrs. Murtis McAllister, Mrs. E.W. Ransom, Mrs. Hezekiah Lynn, and Calvin Littlejohn.
Date: unknown

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train in Turkey, Texas

Description: Close-up photograph of a man and woman with a wagon participating in the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train in Turkey, Texas. The photo shows a man squatting next to a covered wagon, with a woman sitting inside the wagon. The wagon has a sign that is only half visible with the words "Cotton" and "Rt1" shown, as well as two Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train brands burned into the wood near the front of the wagon.
Date: May 26, 1986
Creator: Cirincione, Nick