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Bedford School Class (1920s)
Bedford School class photo 1920s
Bedford School Class (1922)
Bedford School class photo
Bedford School Class (1922)
Bedford School Class Photo. Students identified on photocopy insert. Some of the students are : Hazel Cannon, R.E. Cannon, Dan Trigg, Edna Creecy, Esther Sparger, Florence Trimble, Cora Creecy, Russel Cromer, Ruby Cannon, Lynn Cannon, Lorene Hurst. W.W. Cromer is the principal. Miss Smith is the instructor.
Bedford School, Miss Taylor's Class
Miss Taylor's class at Old Bedford School around 1913. Miss Taylor is instructor. Students are : Howard Williams, R.E. Cannon, Gladys Moore, Annie Sparger, Aubrey Hackney, Arthur Hackney, Willie Nash, Dan Trigg
Bedford School (Old Bedford School)
A picture of the outside of Bedford School. A few people are standing in the doorway of the school. The school was built in 1912 on the site of Bedford College. The photo was donated by Mike Patterson. (Bedford School, a.k.a. Old Bedford School) negative on file
Bedford School, Room 2
Bedford School Picture. Students identified on back of picture. The school was built in 1912 on the site of Bedford College.
Behrens Family
Behrens family of Colleyville (Minnie, Ella, Charles, Minnie, Ernest, Martha, and Charles)
Bell Helicopter Textron
Aerial view of Bell Helicopter Textron.
Bell Helicopter Textron
Aerial View of Bell Helicopter Textron
Bell Helicopter Textron
Aerial View of Bell Helicopter Textron
Bell Nelson and Lottie Johnson
Bell Nelson, wife of Andy Nelson of Mosier Valley, and her daughter, Lottie Johnson Nelson. Bell is seated; Lottie is standing.
Belle Bideault Sitting on Mule Holding Pierre
Belle Bideault on mule holding Pierre. Louis and an unidentified boy are standing and holding the bridle.
Ben and Lizzie Tinker
Ben Tinker, his wife Lizzie Johnson Tinker and their daughter. Josie Anne Johson is Lizzie's sister.
Benjamin Franklin Barkley
Benjamin Franklin Barkley, Judge and physician
Benjamin Franklin Barkley
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin Barkley (1822-1882). He was a physician and county official, born in Kentucky on November 14, 1822. Before moving to Texas he practiced medicine in Mason, Bracken, and Harrison counties, Kentucky. In 1855 he and his wife, Malinda Elizabeth (Duncan), emancipated the slaves on their Kentucky farm and traveled to Texas. They settled in Birdville, the county seat of Tarrant County at that time, with only one horse and $100 worth of medicine. Barkley practiced both law and medicine and helped provide supplies and assistance to struggling families. He donated land for the town's first school and, in 1856, fought unsuccessfully to keep Fort Worth from becoming the county seat.
Benjamin Franklin Barkley's Home
Benjamin Franklin Barkley's home. Barkley was a local doctor and lawyer
Benjamin Johnston Tillar
Benjamin Johnston Tillar, attorney and businessman, was born to John Thomas Westbrook and Antoinette (Pruitt) Tillar on September 17, 1866, at Selma, Arkansas. He moved to Fort Worth in 1894 and quickly established himself as a leading businessman in the Tarrant county seat. Soon after his arrival in Fort Worth, Tillar played a major role in the establishment of the National Live Stock Bank of Fort Worth, where he served as vice president until the bank merged with the American National Bank in 1897. He held a seat on the latter institution's board of directors. Before the merger Tillar and a partner had formed the company of Bush and Tillar, a ranch holding company, which eventually acquired some 100,000 acres in Howard, Borden, Mitchell, and Scurry counties. The ranches operated by the company made the Bush and Tillar Company one of the state's largest beef producers and apparently enabled Tillar to accumulate a considerable fortune. He sold his interest in the firm in 1906 and embarked upon the financing and construction of a million-dollar luxury hotel, the Westbrook, in Fort Worth. He died in Paris, France, while on vacation, on September 7, 1923, and was buried in East Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth.
Benjamin M. Wilkinson
Portrait of Benjamin M. Wilkinson of White's Chapel came to Tarrant County in 1867. He was a soldier in Company I, 41st Tennessee Infantry, CSA
Bert Barkley
Portrait of Bert Barkley, standing with coat and derby
Bessie Allen
Bessie Allen, daughter of Thomas Allen, granddaughter of Alexander Allen
Bessie Allen Behrens
Bessie Allen Behrens at age 20, about 1922
Bessie Allen Behrens
Portrait of Bessie Allen Behrens. She is seated.
Bessie Cavendar and Unidentified Woman
Bessie Cavender and friend. Picture was taken at Couch's store in Colleyville
Bessie, Vernon and Christine Parker
Bessie, Vernon and Christine Parker in front of their home.
Best of Show Painting 1971
Best of Show framed painting, 1971.
Betty Swyers
Portrait of Betty Swyers, Division Chairperson of the English and instructor of Basic Studies at one time.
Bideault and Reynold Children
Jim and Dareld Reynold, Henrietta and Nan Bideault, two unidentified boys and three indentified girls in a group.
Bideault Family
Jeanne, Henrietta, Belle, Frances, and Nan in front of home.
Bideault Family at Camp Bowie
Bideault family at Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. Jeanne, Belle, Anthelm, Henreitta, Laurie, Blanche and Pierre Bideault
Bideault Family at Camp Bowie
Bideault family visiting at Camp Bowie. Camp Bowie was in Arlington Heights, westside of Fort Worth. 30,000 soldiers from Oklahoma and Texas trained there, as well as a group of French officers. Jeanne, Belle, Anthelm, Henrietta, Laurie, Blanche and Pierre Bideault are present.
Bideault Family Gathered underneath a Tree
Bideault Family, including Anthelm, Jeanne, Francis, Henrietta, Nan, Pierre, Paul, Fernande, Belle
Bideault Family in Their Car
Bideault family, including Anthelm, Jeanne, Henrietta, Pierre, Blanche, Nan and Francis in their car
Bideault Family in Their Jackson Motorcar
Bideault Family: Anthelm, Louis, Belle, Blanche, Jeanne, Pierre, Nan, Francis in Their Jackson Motorcar
Bideault Home
Henrietta, Louise and Nan Bideault in front of their home
Bideault Home - Front Gate
Gates to Bideault family home
Bideault Home - Living room
Living room of Bideault home
Bill Cody and Indians from His Wild West Show
Photograph of Buffalo Bill Cody, with three Indians from his Wild West Show. All are on horseback.
Bill Henderson's Home
Bill Henderson home - Haltom City
Bill Souder
Bill Souder, as a child.
Bill Souder
Bill Souder, as a child.
Bill Souder
Portrait of Bill Souder
Bill Souder
Bill Souder, as a baby.
Bill Souder
Bill Souder working at the Hurst Post Office.
Bill Wilkerson
Portrait of Bill Wilkerson.
Billboard Announcing the Culmination of the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Trail
Photograph of a billboard announcing various events in Fort Worth associated with the 150th anniversary of Texas independence, including the culmination of the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Trail in July.
Billie and Minnie Glidewell
Billie and Minnie Glidewell owned and operated Glenwood Drugstore (Glenwood addition in Fort Worth) These are Lloyd Booth's aunt and uncle, on his mother's side.
Billy Austin
Billy Austin standing beside a table
Billy Charles Melbourn
Two identical portraits of Billy Charles Melbourn side-by-side
Biplane Parked at Randolph Field
Biplane Parked at Randolph Field
Bird's Eye View. Fort Worth, Texas.
Aerial photograph of Fort Worth, Texas at the intersection of Ninth and Throckmorton Streets looking northeast circa 1930. The Carnegie Public Library, built in 1901 and torn down in 1936, is in the middle of the photo.