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Airplane Crash Near Stalcup Road and Rosedale
Airplane Crash near Stalcup Road and Rosedale in the 1950s
Airplane Flying from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Plane Flying over Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Airplane Flying from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Airplane in Flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Airplane from Camp Bowie that Landed in Grapevine
An airplane from Camp Bowie that landed in Grapevine
Airplane Type BT2B : Basic Stage
Douglas BT2B biplane at Randolph Field
Airplanes in Rows (Randolph Field)
Planes lined up at Randolph AFB. "Basic Stage - Ships on Line."
Airplanes in Rows (Randolph Field)
Planes on field at AFB. "Basic stage - ships on line."
Airtrans Passenger Vehicle
Photograph of an Airtrans passenger vehicle on its track.
Airtrans Vehicle Number 26
Airstrans vehicle No. 26 at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport
Albert Harrison
Picture of Albert Harrison, half-brother of Owen D. Harrison, seated in a chair.
Albert Sidney Baker and His Wife
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sidney Baker of Colleyville
Alexander McGehee
Photograph of Alexander McGehee posing with a rifle.
Alfred Madison Hightower and His Wife
Alfred Madison and Pernelis Hightower. Alfred was born Jan. 8, 1825 and died Apr. 9, 1897. Sarah, his first wife, was born Aug. 8, 1824 and died Sept, 27, 1878. Alfred and Sarah were the parents of Catherine Texana Meacham
Alice Barkley Wright
Portrait of Alice Barkley Wright
Alice Willis
Alice Willis dressed in coat and hat
Alma Hurst Abshire and Wilma Hurst Dobby Chopping Wood in Front of Dickie's Store
Alma Hurst Abshire and Wilma Hurst Dobby chopping wood in front of Dickie's store. Alma is on the left; Wilma is on the right.
Alton, Guy and Wylie Reeves and Others with Tractors in the Field
Guy, Alton, and Wylie Reeves with other men in the field working with tractors and other large farming equipment.
Amanda Stone Standifer
Amanda Stone Standifer lived in Grapevine. She was born in 1840 and died in 1905.
Amanda Stone Standifer
Portrait of Amanda Stone Standifer. She lived in Grapevine. She was born in 1840 and died in 1905. She was buried in Grapevine Cemetery.
Ambrose Foster
Portrait of Ambrose Foster, one of the early pioneers to Tarrant County. For the Foster genealogy, see Trek to Texas in the Heritage Room collection at TCC Northeast
American Airline Stewardess College
Aerial view of American Airline Stewardess College
American Ambulance and Soldiers in France During WWI
American Ambulance and Soldiers in France During WWI. Luke Tennison served in the 111th Engineers in France in WWI. He lived in Haltom City at the time he donated the photos.
American and Mexican Air Force Officials Holding Mexican Air Force Flag
American and Mexican Air Force Officials Holding Mexican Air Force Flag. Brigadier General J. E. Chaney
Amon G. Carter
Portrait of Amon G. Carter (December 11, 1879–June 23, 1955), the creator and publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and a nationally known civic booster for Fort Worth, Texas. He was born in a log cabin in Crafton in Wise County on Dec. 11, 1879.
Amphibious Vehicles During Maneuvers on Oahu in World War II
Five Amphibious Vehicles During Maneuvers on Oahu, Hawaii in World War II (included here because TCC student's father fought at Oahu)
Amtrack Train Diesel Engine
Amtrack Train Diesel Engine
Anderson Electric
Interior of Anderson Electric Store
Anderson Sporting Goods and Hardware
A. J. Sporting Goods and Hardware, located on Main St. , near the Powell Building. Left to right are pictured Ed Winfrey, George Bound, Mr. Cockel, Frank Reeves, _____, Martin Dosche
Andrew C. Foster
Andrew C. Foster, born June 28, 1866 near Grapevine to James L. Foster and his 1st wife, Alphy McDonald. He wed Emma Shivers, daughter of Henry Shivers and wife Frances Curry Shivers. He died in Grand Saline on 1/8/44.
Andy and Bell Nelson
Andy and Bell Nelson, grandparents of Vada Johson. They lived in Mosier Valley. This photo is copied from the St. John Baptist Church Centennial
Andy Foster and Minnie Arterburn
Andy Foster and Minnie Arterburn standing Andy Foster was born 9-13-1891
Andy Nelson and His Daughters
Andy Nelson and his six daughters: Fannie, Dollie, Lottie, Bell, Clara, and Adeline
Andy Nelson Family Christmas Group Picture
Andy Nelson extended family of 37 members pictured at Christmas garthering. Individuals are identified on the back of the photograph.
Andy Nelson Postcard
Postcard with a photo of Andy Nelson in a wagon. He was born in slavery in 1862. His life spanned from slavery to the Civil Rights movement. Andy served for 35 years as the Worshipful Master of the Mosier Valley Masonic Lodge No. 103 until his death in 1960. He served on several grand juries in the 1950s. He posed for this postcard in 1912.
Anna Bell Cannon and Her Children
Anna Bell Cannon and Her Children, Bessie, Chester and Thurman
Annie Duncan
Portrait of Annie Duncan
Annie Mae Hollingsworth and Her Brother on a Burro in Front of Their Home
Annie Mae Hollingsworth on a burro in front of their home in the Gardern of Eden community near Haltom City. Her brother is mounting the burro. Picture is taken near Haltom Road.
Annie Miller
Annie Miller, as a child, daughter of John W. Miller of Bedford.
Annual Feeders and Breeders Show
Interior of Cowtown Coliseum on Northside of Fort Worth. The annual Feeders and Breeders show
Anthelm Bideault and Two of Their Children
Anthelm Bideault and his family: Madame Jeanne Du Rhone Bideault, Pierre and Blanche.
Anthelm Bideault, His Wife and Mr. and Mrs. Moulard
Jeanne and Anthelm Bideault seated on a porch with Mr. and Mrs. Moulard
Anthony Banning Norton
Portrait of Anthony Banning. Banning was the editor of the first newspaper in Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Chief. He was born in 1821 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He died in Dallas on Jan. 31, 1893.
Anthony Smith
Portrait of Anthony Smith, grandson of Mrs. Glagys Rogers.
Apache Leader Geronimo, Telling His Story
Picture of Geronimo kneeling and two men beside him
Archibald Franklin Crowley Family
Archibald Franklin Crowley family on the porch of their home. He was named after his maternal grandfather, Archibald Franklin Leonard. This photo was probably taken on Mary Ann Leonard's 80th birthday. Alan Fitzhugh Crowley, Mary Ann Leonard, Robert and John Mugg and Martha Zinn are pictured also. Mary Ann Foster wed Archibald Franklin Leonard 2/28/1839. She was the daughter of Ambrose Foster and Susannah Medlin Foster. She was born 8/20/1822; died 5/19/1904; buried in Birdville Cemetery. They came to Grapevine in 1845 from Platte County, Mo.
Arlee Woods
Portrait of Arlee Woods
Arlington-Bedford Road Bridge
Arlington-Bedford Road Bridge. This bridge was closed in the late 1960s.
Arlington Sportsman's Club [Fishermen's Lodge]
Fishermen's Lodge, Arlington Sportsmen's Club, near site of Bird's Fort
Armentrout House
Armentrout House (wood frame). Northwest of Bird's Fort. Built in 1870.
Armentrout House
Armentrout Home