Travis County District Clerk's Office

The Travis County District Clerk's Office has provided a selection of criminal case documents from 1853. The Office of the District Clerk in the office of record for all proceedings heard in the state district courts. Located in Austin, Texas, the Travis County District Courts include 8 criminal courts and 10 civil courts.

The Civil Courts handle family law cases, including divorces, child support and custody, as well as other civil matters, such as those involving title to land, contested elections, contracts, tax disputes, slander, and personal injury lawsuits. As the court of jurisdiction for the State of Texas, administrative appeals for nearly all state agencies are also handled in the Travis County District Courts. All courts, including the district courts, have the potential to try cases with unique or significant legal issues, or that have useful or significant informational content that reflects or exemplifies the cultural, political, economic, or social history of the area represented.


Christy Costlow



Travis County Archives
5555 Airport Blvd., Suite 507
Austin, TX 78751


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