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Almonte's Texas: Juan N. Almonte's 1834 Inspection, Secret Report & Role in the 1836 Campaign
Book containing Mexican Col. Juan N. Almonte's 1834 report concerning the measures necessary to prevent the loss of Texas, as well as fifty of his letters, and the journal he kept while at the side of Santa Anna during the Texas rebellion in 1836.
Army Exploration in the American West, 1803-1863
Book containing the history of the role of the United States Army and its Topographical Engineers in exploring lands west of the Mississippi River between 1838 and 1863. This includes surveys of battlefronts, railroads, and boundaries.
Basic Texas Books: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works for a Research Library
Annotated bibliography of 224 books about Texas history prior to 1940, including bibliographic details and critical discussion points for each, such as the author's opinions, the opinions of other critics, background on the author and writing of the book, strengths and weaknesses of the text, representative quotations, and references to other books. It also contains an appendix of additional bibliographies to Texas history. Index starts on page 617.
Black Leaders: Texans for Their Times
Compilation of essays about black leaders in Texas who made significant contributions within their communities or the state. The introduction and essays include commentary and context provided by the editors. Index starts on page 223.
Charles Schreiner, General Merchandise: The Story of a Country Store
Book about the three generations of ownership of Charles Schreiner's Country Store in Kerrville, Texas. Includes biographical information regarding the Schreiners, the origins of the business, and stories about Charles Schreiner.
A Cowman's Wife
Autobiographical anecdotes by Mary Rak about running a cattle ranch with her husband in Arizona. Index starts on page 293.
Documents of Texas History
Book containing 141 documents pertinent to the history of Texas. These range from reports by Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century to speeches and legal cases from the twentieth century. Each document is preceded by brief introduction by the editors.
The Espuela Land and Cattle Company: A Study of a Foreign-Owned Ranch in Texas
Book containing the history of Spur Ranch and its London-based owners, the Espuela Land and Cattle Company. It covers topics including the founding of the ranch, its environs, expenses, personnel, conflicts with native peoples and neighbors, and life on the range.
Forgotten Texas Census: First Annual Report of the Agricultural Bureau of the Department of Agriculture, Insurance, Statistics, and History, 1887-88
Book containing a county by county census of Texas taken in 1887-1888. Information tallied includes such things as divorces, marriages, number of workers, church affiliation, and ethnic makeup. There is also a overview of state institutions, mineral wealth, geography, and miscellaneous information from the time.
The History of Texas: or, the Emigrant's, Farmer's, and Politician's Guide to the Character, Climate, Soil and Productions of That Country: Arranged Geographically from Personal Observation and Experience
Book containing a history of Texas and acts as a guide to the area during period of Anglo colonization. Includes observations of the land, critiques of the people who lived there, and a translated Mexican Constitution.
The La Salle Expedition to Texas: The Journal of Henri Joutel, 1684-1687
Book containing an annotated and edited translation of an account of Robert La Salle's expedition down the Mississippi River and into Texas. Joutel recounts such things as sailing to North America, daily activities during the expedition, and the murder of La Salle.
Land is the Cry!: Warren Angus Ferris, Pioneer Texas Surveyor and Founder of Dallas County
Book containing the biography of Warren Ferris, a man from New York who pursued business opportunities in the frontiers of New York, the Rocky Mountains, and Texas.
Log Cabin Village: A History and Guide
Book about the historical Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth, Texas. Includes the histories of the log cabins preserved in the Village, as well as information regarding everyday life in frontier Texas such as cabin construction and milling corn. Contains numerous pictures of log cabins, tools, and furniture from the period.
Lone Star Blue and Gray: Essays on Texas in the Civil War
Book containing sixteen essays from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and other scholarly journals. The essays are related to the state of Texas during the Civil War and cover such topics as military actions, Texan feelings towards the Union, and supply issues.
Mexican Americans in Texas History: Selected Essays
Book containing eleven essays from the Texas State Historical Association's "Mexican Americans in Texas History" conference. The essays discuss the history of Mexicans in Texas, their social and political culture, and conflicts with Anglo-Americans.
Mistress of Manifest Destiny: A Biography of Jane McManus Storm Cazneau, 1807-1878
Book containing a biography of Jane McManus Storm Cazneau, a journalist, publicist, and advocate for military, political, and class reforms. Includes her time in New York, Texas, and Cuba, as well as her coverage of the Mexican War.
Picturing Texas: The Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Photographers in the Lone Star State, 1935-1943
Book containing photographs taken by photographers of the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information between 1935 and 1943. Subjects include men and women struggling through the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, migrant workers, and the cattle industry.
The Portable Handbook of Texas
Book containing a brief history Texas from prehistoric times to the end of the twentieth century. Following this is a series of alphabetical arranged articles which cover various aspects of Texas history, including significant communities, people, institutions, and agencies.
Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States, 1528-1543
Book containing three translated narratives of early Spanish explorers in what would become the Southern United States. This includes the paths taken by the explorers, the people they encountered, and hardships they endured.
Book containing details of Texas during the Anglo settlement of Texas during the early half of the nineteenth century as described by Mary Austin Holley. Includes information for settlers, including colonization laws, the Mexican Constitution, information on the land and its environs, and the people of Texas.
Theses on Texas History: A Check List of Theses and Dissertations in Texas History Produced in the Departments of History of Eighteen Texas Graduate Schools and Thirty-Three Graduate Schools Outside of Texas, 1907-1952
Book containing theses collected from the history departments of fifty-one graduate schools. The theses are listed in alphabetical order by author and relate to Texas. Includes the degree conferred upon each author, the title of the theses, and lists of illustrations, maps, tables, and contents.
Through Unexplored Texas: Notes Taken during the Expedition Commanded by Captain Randolph Barnes Marcy, United States Army, in the Summer and Fall of 1854
Book about the 1854 expedition lead by Randolph Barnes Marcy through the frontier of Texas. Includes meetings with settlers and Native Americans, geography, and wildlife.
Tracks on the Land: Stories of Immigrants, Outlaws, Artists, and Other Texans Who Left Their Mark on the Lone Star State
Book containing articles by Texas high school students regarding local histories. Histories of pioneer and immigrant families, businesses, methods of travel, and development are included.
Women and Texas History: Selected Essays
Book containing thirteen essays presented at the Texas State Historical Association's "Women and Texas History" conference. The essays relate to the role of women in the history of Texas.
Women in Early Texas
Book containing biographies of fifty women who were involved with the development of Texas. The women come from a wide variety of classes and ethnic groups, and many of the authors are descended from their subjects.