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#100 Circular to the Public from Council
Contains notes from S. F. Austin to Council of Safety describing present conditions
#199 Circular from the Committee of Safety of the Jurisdiction of Austin
Heated analysis of the political situation in Mexico
1857 Petition by Heirs
Petition by the heirs of Lorenzo de Zavala for payment of his salary as Vice President
1861 Petition by Heirs
Petition by the heirs of Lorenzo de Zavala for lands he was entitled to under his impresario contract. The 1861 type-script has a manuscript appended.
Election Returns
Certification that Lorenzo de Zavala is one of seven Delegates to the Consultation for the Municipality of Harrisburg. Vote for delegates to the 1836 Convention. Includes: Statements of elections held in various houses in the Municipality. A list of voters and votes received (includes de Zavala's name as a voter) Compiled return showing Zavala with 115 votes.
[Harrisburg Election] October 8th, 1835
An official statement that Zavala was one of the seven Delegates selected to represent the Jurisdiction of Harrisburg
[Letter from Burnet to Zavala] April 22nd 1836
A letter by Burnet in response to Zavala's resignation from the office of Vice President.
[Letter from Burnet to Zavala] October 14th 1836
Correspondence to Lorenzo de Zavala
[Letter from Jorge Ant'o Nixon to Enrique Rueg] April 30th, 1835
Letter to Henry Rueg accompanying communications received from W. S. Allen calling himself agent of the Impresarios Zavala Vehlein and Burnett -- protesting against Arturo Henry, the actual agent of said impresarios and also protesting as illegal the titles given by the former as such commissioner unless they had the signature of said Allen attached to them, and asking instructions on the subject.
[Letter from Lorenzo de Zavala to Burnet] September 11th 1836
Correspondence to Burnet indicating that Zavala will be able to join the Cabinet's next meeting.
[Letter from Political Chief of Nacogdoches to Archivaldo Hopkins] January 16th 1835
Letter asking information about the legality of the fees of the commissioner and requesting him to exhibit his power as agent for the impresarios Zavala Vehlein and Burnet, etc.
[Letter from Political Chief to Lorenzo Zavala] October 6th 1835
Letter from Rueg to Zavala informing him of his intention to call at San Felipe on the 15 inst.
[Letter from Zavala to Burnet] September 24th 1836
A duplicate of Zavala's letter to Burnet stating that, due to his health, he will not be able to join the next meeting of Congress.
[Letter from Zavala to Dimitt] December 9th 1835
Translation of a letter to Mr. Dimitt regarding Mexican expeditions.
[Letter from Zavala to Prest/Cabinet] April 20th 1836
Lorenzo's letter of resignation as Vice President of the Republic (in both Spanish and English)
[Letter from Zavala to Prest/Cabinet] June 3rd 1836
Letter of resignation from office of Vice President of the Republic of Texas
List of Voters, February 2nd 1836
A list of voters and votes received at An Election held at Lynchburg for the municipality of Harrisburg
Lorenzo de Zavala copy of presidential decree May 8th 1829
Lorenzo de Zavala writing on behalf of the Mexican president about issues concerning congress and payment.
Petition by Lorenzo de Zavala Jr. January 15th 1841
Petition by Lorenzo de Zavala Jr. for compensation for losses sustained by the family when his father's house was taken over for a hospital by the Texan Army
Res-appoint Zavala-translate November 8th 1835
A noted request for Zavala to translate the declaration, and for it to be printed and distributed to Citizens of the republic of Mexico.
de Zavala resignation October 17th 1836
Lorenzo de Zavala's letter to the Senate and House of Representatives, stating his resignation from the office of Vice President of the Republic