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[Amarillo New Southwestern Hospital Center]

Description: Postcard of illustrations of the hospital buildings that were part of the New Southwestern Hospital Center in Amarillo, Texas. There are three hospitals with text identifying them; Northwest Texas Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, and United States Veterans' Hospital. "Amarillo, Tex. - (Pop. 60,000) Wholesale, transportation, petroleum, natural gas, helium, hospital and Federal hub of a fast-growing region, larger than Pennsylvania in area. Capacity of three hospitals pictured 410 beds with addit… more
Date: unknown

[Angelina County Hospital and Nurses Home]

Description: Postcard of Angelina County Hospital and Nurses Home in Lufkin, Texas. There is a large, Mission Style building framed by trees in the right side of the image and a smaller white building behind and to the left. "Angelina County Hospital and Nurses Home, Lufkin, Texas" is printed in the upper right corner of the postcard.
Date: unknown

[Article: May Owen's hand in the future]

Description: An article in volume 84 of the Texas Medicine Journal from June 1988, discussing Dr. May Owen's life, career, and legacy. The article discusses the other medical professionals she influenced, including Dr. Charles Rush, Dr. David Pillow, and Dr. Bruce Jacobson. There is an advertisement for Valium on the back of one of the pages.
Date: June 1988
Creator: Jones, Donna B.

[Article: Obituaries]

Description: A series of obituaries in the Texas Medical Association's June 1988 Texas Medicine journal. Those listed in the obituaries included Dr. May Owen, Dr. William Frank Renfrow, Dr. Louis Reed Robey, Dr. Hampton C. Robinson, Dr. Lowell Edison Rutledge, Dr. Cassie Elizabeth Stuermer, Dr. Robert W. B. Terrell, Dr. Robert H. Thomason, and Dr. Leopoldo Villareal.
Date: June 1988

[Article: Why I Have Shared]

Description: Editorial article written by Dr. May Owen, describing her reasons for establishing the May Owen Trust through the Texas Medical Association, citing her long interest in the medical profession and ways that she has found to pay back the people that supported her throughout her career.
Date: unknown
Creator: Owen, May

[Ashbel Smith Building, State Medical College]

Description: Postcard of the Ashbel Smith Building in the State Medical College in Galveston Texas. The illustrated image depicts a red stone building with an oval footprint and buttresses on either side of the entrance in the Romanesque Revival style of architecture. "State Medical College, Galveston, Texas" is printed in the upper right corner of the image. The back of the postcard contains correspondence addressed to "Mr. Clarence D[o]ty Ferris, Texas."
Date: June 19, 1921

[S.B. Allen Memorial Hospital, Bonham, Texas]

Description: Postcard of S.B. Allen Memorial Hospital in Bonham, Texas. The image is an illustration depicting a red brick building with columns obscured by several trees. The text, "S.B. Allen Memorial Hospital, Bonham, Texas" is printed across the top of the image. The correspondence on the back is addressed to "Mr. Paul M. Gre[...]" and the address and personal names have been scratched out.
Date: 1940-08-2u

[Baldwin Sanatorium]

Description: Postcard of the Baldwin Sanatorium in El Paso, Texas. The image is an illustration depicting a stone building on a hill surrounded by desert plants. The correspondence on the back is addressed to "Miss Ruth Curtin" and the author mentions acknowledging that they received photos from Miss Curtin.
Date: May 21, 1909

[Baylor Memorial Hospital]

Description: Postcard of Baylor Memorial Hospital in Dallas Texas. The image is an illustration, showing several white buildings viewed from the left side of the complex. "Baylor Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas" is printed at the top of the image.
Date: unknown

[Blackwell Sanitarium and Clnic]

Description: Postcard of Blackwell Sanitarium and Clinic in Gorman, Texas. The image is an illustration depicting a a red, four-story brick building from the front. The correspondence on the back contains the name, "Mrs. Hazel Decker," an address, and appears to be an entry for the 1959 showcase of The Price is Right.
Date: January 7, 1959
Creator: Decker, Hazel

[Brooke General Hospital]

Description: Postcard of Brooke General Hospital in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The image is an illustration of a large yellow-tan building, with a wings on either side of a central tower. "Brooke General Hospital, Fort Sam Houston, Texas - 93" is printed across the top of the image. The correspondence on the back is addressed to "Mrs. R. Winters and Family" and mentions receiving a card from the addressee.
Date: June 3, 1951

[Certificat from the University of Louisville]

Description: Certificate issued to Dr. May Owen from the University of Louisville in Louisville, Texas, with the text: "In the Sesquicentennial Year of the Founding of Jefferson Seminary Greets May Owen and presents this Certificate in recognition of more than Twenty-five Years Of Service Given at Louisville, Kentucky in the year, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight." There is a university seal stamped in the lower-left corner.
Date: 1948
Creator: University of Louisville

[Certificate for the World Medical Association]

Description: Certificate issued to Dr. May Owen from The World Medical Association, United States Committee, Inc. Text says, "This is to certify that May Owen, M. D. is a Member of the United States Committee devoted to the support of the scientific and educational objectives of The World Medical Association."
Date: 1961
Creator: World Medical Association

[City Hospital, McKinney, Texas]

Description: Postcard of City Hospital in McKinney, Texas. The image is an illustration depicting a red brick building with white accents and has a sign, "City Hospital" above the entrance. The back of the postcard has information about the hospital, "The City Hospital is Municipally owned and operated. One of the most modernly equipped institutions in the state." and correspondence addressed to "Ada Black."
Date: February 5, 1946
Creator: Bateman, Mrs. W.D.

[Clipping: May Owen To Be Inducted Into Texas Woman's Hall Of Fame]

Description: Clipping of an article from the September 1986 TMA Action newsletter for the Texas Medical Association. The article discusses Dr. May Owen's induction into the Texas Women's Hall of Women, and includes some of her accomplishments. A photograph of Dr. Owen is included in the article. On the back of the clipping are two more articles the TMA Board of Trustees and TEXPAC.
Date: 1986-09~

[Cotton Belt Hospital]

Description: Postcard of Cotton Belt Hospital in Texarkana, Texas. The image depicts a large lawn framed by trees in front of a steepled building. "Cotton Belt Hospital, Texarkana, U.S.A." is printed in the lower right corner of the image.
Date: unknown
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