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[Newspaper Clipping: Texas News]

Description: Newspaper clipping of a small collection of articles discussing news from around Texas. The items of interest include Dallas Public Library's collection of framed pictures; a television set stolen in Paris, Texas; the renaming of Air Freight, Inc., to Santa Fe Freight Co.; an army contract with Travos Inc. in Austin; and the Texas Medical Association's correction of claims by the California Medical Association that their President was the first woman to head a state medical society. On the back of the clipping are portions of comic strips.
Date: March 31, 1971
Creator: Athens Daily Review

[Newspaper clippings about Dr. May Owen's actions as president of the Texas Medical Association]

Description: Newspaper clippings of articles about Dr. May Owen, including her election to the position of president of the Texas Medical Association, her reception of an award from the Foundation of Private Practice Pathologists, a speaking engagement at Brady High School, and a speaking engagement at the TMA District 1 Luncheon in Pecos, Texas. One of the articles includes a photo of Dr. Owen.
Date: {1960-04-13,1960-09-28,1961-01-31,1961-02-03,1961-03-09}
Creator: Standard-Times

[Newspaper clippings: dispute between Texas Medical Association and California Medical Association]

Description: Seven newspaper clippings of the same press release (with different titles) in seven different publications. The article concerns the Texas Medical Associations refutation of the California Medical Association's claim that their society President, Dr. Roberta Fenlon, was the first female head of a state medical society. The article lists the three previous female heads of state medical societies: Dr. Evelyn F. Frisbie (New Mexico Medical Society, 1915-16), Dr. Leslie S. Kent (Oregon Medical Association, 1947-48), and Dr. May Owen (Texas Medical association, 1960-61).
Date: {1971-03-31..1971-04-02,1971-04-04,1971-04-08,1971-04-15}
Creator: Houston Chronicle

[Newspaper clippings about the Texas Medical Association presidency and a Future Nurses Association meeting]

Description: Newspaper clippings of articles, including two articles about Dr. May Owen's election to President of the Texas Medical Association, two articles about a planned meeting in Corpus Christi for the Texas Association of Future Nurses, and an article about Dr. Harvey Renger's succession to Dr. Owen as President of the TMA.
Date: {1960-04-12,1960-04-13,1960-06-05,1961-02-24,1961-03-12}
Creator: Buffalo Courier-Express

[Newspaper clippings about Dr. May Owen, President of the Texas Medical Association]

Description: Two newspaper clippings of an article about Dr. May Owen speaking at the Texas Association of Future Nurses convention, and two clippings of articles about Dr. Owen as President of the Texas Medical Association. The article about the Nurses convention includes a photo of high school student Lynda Martin campaigning for secretary of the Texas Association of Future Nurses at a breakfast.
Date: {1960-03-29,1960-04-13,1961-03-25}
Creator: Brownsville Herald

[Newspaper Clipping: District Medical Group to Hold Annual Meet Tomorrow in Pecos]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about a Texas Medical Association District 1 meeting, which was to be held in Pecos, Texas. The article mentions Dr. May Owen, and discusses her election as president of TMA. The article includes details of the planned meeting and a photo of Dr. May Owen. On the back of the clipping are portions of a large advertisement for a grocery store, including select grocery prices.
Date: February 2, 1961
Creator: The Pecos Independent and Enterprise

[Article: Why I Have Shared]

Description: Editorial article written by Dr. May Owen, describing her reasons for establishing the May Owen Trust through the Texas Medical Association, citing her long interest in the medical profession and ways that she has found to pay back the people that supported her throughout her career.
Date: unknown
Creator: Owen, May
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