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[Certificat from the University of Louisville]

Description: Certificate issued to Dr. May Owen from the University of Louisville in Louisville, Texas, with the text: "In the Sesquicentennial Year of the Founding of Jefferson Seminary Greets May Owen and presents this Certificate in recognition of more than Twenty-five Years Of Service Given at Louisville, Kentucky in the year, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight." There is a university seal stamped in the lower-left corner.
Date: 1948
Creator: University of Louisville

[Certificate for the World Medical Association]

Description: Certificate issued to Dr. May Owen from The World Medical Association, United States Committee, Inc. Text says, "This is to certify that May Owen, M. D. is a Member of the United States Committee devoted to the support of the scientific and educational objectives of The World Medical Association."
Date: 1961
Creator: World Medical Association

[Article: Why I Have Shared]

Description: Editorial article written by Dr. May Owen, describing her reasons for establishing the May Owen Trust through the Texas Medical Association, citing her long interest in the medical profession and ways that she has found to pay back the people that supported her throughout her career.
Date: unknown
Creator: Owen, May

[President's Page Draft]

Description: Draft text of a "President's Page" column written by Dr. May Owen, president of the Texas Medical Association. In the article, she discusses the responsibilities of doctors to assist in teaching and building relationships with local doctors and other medical professionals.
Date: unknown
Creator: Owen, May

[News Release: California Woman Not First State Medical Society Head, March 23, 1971]

Description: Text of a news release from the Texas Medical Association listing female presidents of state medical associations to assert that claims by the California Medical Association that their president was the first woman to hold the office were unfounded. The list includes Dr. May Owen, president of the Texas Medical Association (1960-1961), the third woman on record for any state association.
Date: March 23, 1971
Creator: Texas Medical Association

[Newspaper Clipping: 13 Texas women picked for Hall of Fame]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about 13 women selected for induction into the third Texas Women's Hall of Fame: Mary Lavinia Griffith, Jody Conradt, Mary Kay Ash, Ada Simond, Caro Crawford Brown, Wilhelmina Ruth Fitzgerald Delco, Dr. May Owen, Hermine Dalkowitz, Margaret Cousins, Anne Legendre Armstrong, Sally Kirsten Ride, Alicia Chacon, and Frances E. Goff. The article discusses each of the inductees and their contributions to society.
Date: August 20, 1986
Creator: Daily News

[Newspaper Clipping: Dr. May Owen Honored With Doctors' Top Award]

Description: 2 newspaper clippings of an article about the presentation of a gold-headed cane to Dr. May Owen for her service in medicine. The article mentions that Dr. Owen was the first woman to receive the prestigious award from the Tarrant County Medical Society, details some of the other honors Dr. Owen had received, and describes the events surrounding the award's presentation. A picture of Dr. Owen receiving the award is included in the article. On the back of the page is a letterhead for the Texas Medical Association.
Date: unknown

[Newspaper Clipping: TMA Reins Presented To Dr. Owen]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about Dr. May Owen becoming the 95th president of the Texas Medical Association, and other events that transpired at a TMA annual session. The article also discusses legislation concerning federal-oriented health insurance plans. The article also includes a photo Dr. Louis M. Orr, and a photo of Dr. Owen accepting a gavel from the out-going president, Dr. Harvey Renger, as president-elect, Dr. Franklin W. Yeager, looks on.
Date: April 13, 1960