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Decorated Pony Cart

Description: Photograph of a cart decorated in patriotic regalia for a parade. The cart contains a young boy and an older girl, both in costume. The cart is pulled by two white horses, with two African American men holding the bridles. Note the unpaved and muddy streets, and the Christian Church in the background, located at the corner of 6th Street and Talbot, Taylor.
Date: 1913

Foster's Laundry

Description: Photograph of Foster's Laundry, located at 205 E. Third Street. Employees stand on the front walkway with a horse-drawn delivery cart. Note the elevated water tank to the right rear of the building.
Date: 1916

Grau Family in 1910 Buick

Description: Photograph of the Grau Family of 505 Washburn Street, in their two-cylinder 1910 Buick. This is the second car owned in Taylor. Passengers in the Buick are identified as: driver, Carl Grau, passenger Anna Becker Grau, and children in the back Fritz, Louise and Willis Grau.
Date: 1910

Horses and Carts in Parade

Description: Photograph of decorated carts and wagons ready for an unspecified parade. A young girl is in the first petite cart, pulled by a single pony with an African American man holding the bridle. Behind this cart is a woman on a wagon. All vehicles are decorated for the parade. Note the muddy unpaved streets.
Date: 1913