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North On Main Street

Description: Postcard of a street view looking north on Main Street, from the corner of the Sixth Street intersection. Note the mansions on the left of the street, the horse drawn cart, man on a bicycle and a man walking. There is correspondence on the back in Swedish.
Date: 1910
Item Type: Postcard

Residential Street Scene

Description: Postcard of a residential street scene in Taylor, featuring the Colonel Bland home, located at 721 Davis Street. Correspondence on back in unknown language.
Date: 1911
Item Type: Postcard

Residential View on Main Street

Description: Postcard of the residential view on Main Street, looking north from the intersection of Sixth Street, Taylor. Note the mansions lining the left side of the street. Correspondence on the back of the postcard in Swedish, very faded.
Date: 192?
Item Type: Postcard