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208 N. Main Street

Description: Photograph of 208 N. Main Street, Taylor. Note the patient on a stretcher being carried upstairs on the alley side of the building.
Date: 194u

Alex Bain Blacksmithing

Description: Photograph of Alex Bain's blacksmith shop, showing a view from the street with three men in front of the shop, with horses and carriages in the street. A sign on the second story of the building reads "Horse Shoeing Shop."
Date: 190u

Antique Cars in Taylor Parade

Description: Photograph of antique cars in Taylor Christmas Parade. The older 4 vehicles are early 1900's models, the last car in the line is a 1958 Ford.
Date: 195u

Bledsoe House

Description: Photograph of workers building the Bledsoe House, located at 724 Huff Street, Taylor, Texas. A group of workers is standing in a line near one corner of the house holding buckets and there are ladders propped against the house; a horse-drawn carriage is next to them, to the right. Handwritten text on the back says "unverified if this is the Bledsoe home -- a surgeon who moved to Taylor in 1911 & left in 1927. Address: 724 Huff Street."
Date: 191u
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Booth Residence

Description: Photograph of the Booth's residence located at 2112 West Lake Drive, Taylor. Shows the Booth family in front with a dog and a horse.
Date: 190u

Brethren Church Bible School

Description: Photograph of students and teacher of the Brethren Church Bible school. Note behind the students, a residential street and parked car, a 1940's model.
Date: 195u

Chamber of Commerce Membership Drive

Description: Photograph of the Taylor Chamber of Commerce's membership drive with unidentified individuals around the bus. The bus is from the Roark Bus Lines
Date: 195u

Christmas Lights in Thorndale

Description: Photograph of the Christmas lights at night in Thorndale, Texas. Vehicles on street are early 1950's model cars.
Date: 195u

Ed Konarek Blacksmith Shop

Description: Photograph of two blacksmiths standing in front of Ed Konarek Blacksmith Shop, located on south Main Street in Taylor, Texas. Sign over the door reads "Blacksmith & Wood Shop."
Date: 191u

FFA Florence Chapter Float

Description: Photograph of the Future Farmers of America, Florence Chapter's float in Taylor parade, exact parade unidentified. Approx 1950's.
Date: 195u

Fire Department with Three Engines

Description: Photograph of the Taylor Fire Department with three fire engines outside the bays of the fire station located on the rear of Taylor City Hall.
Date: 192u

Fire Truck and Fire Wagon

Description: Photograph of a motorized fire engine and a horsedrawn fire wagon at the Taylor Fire Department Station behind Taylor City Hall.
Date: 19uu

First Christian Church

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church, located on the corner of Sixth and Talbot Streets, Taylor, Texas.
Date: 193u

First City Hall & Fire Department

Description: Photograph of the fire Taylor City Hall and Fire Department, with the City Hall offices located on the second floor and the Fire Department on the first floor.
Date: 188u

First Five Bicyclists of Taylor

Description: Photograph of the first five bicyclists of Taylor. Photograph taken in the front yard of the Sturgis home at the corner of 4th & Burkett Streets. Pictured are: Mrs. J.P. Sturgis, Mrs. Bryon Heard, J.W. Council, F.E. Carradine Sr., John Brunner.
Date: 190u

Gathering at Thrall

Description: Photograph of a gathering on the main street of Thrall. The nature of the celebration is unknown.
Date: 192u

General Store

Description: Photograph of a general store at 201 N. Main Street, with people crowded around on the boardwalk. Note that the street is a dirt road.
Date: 189u

Houses in Thrall

Description: Photograph of houses in Thrall, perhaps northwest side of town. Just dirt roads available.
Date: 190?

Howard Bland

Description: Photograph of Howard Bland in a horse-drawn carriage. This is a double sided photo, with a photo of Howard Bland's son on a horse on the reverse.
Date: 190?

Humble Gas Station

Description: Photograph of newly opened Humble Gas Station, located at 703 N. Main Street, Taylor.
Date: 194?