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100 Block West Second Street

Description: Photograph of the 100 block of West Second Street, viewed from the north side, possibly during a parade or celebration. Down the middle of the road is a buggy pulled by two horses with three passengers, one holding an umbrella.
Date: 193u
Item Type: Photograph

208 N. Main Street

Description: Photograph of 208 N. Main Street, Taylor. Note the patient on a stretcher being carried upstairs on the alley side of the building.
Date: 194u
Item Type: Photograph

Alex Bain Blacksmithing

Description: Photograph of Alex Bain's blacksmith shop, showing a view from the street with three men in front of the shop, with horses and carriages in the street. A sign on the second story of the building reads "Horse Shoeing Shop."
Date: 190?
Item Type: Photograph