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Hotel Blazilmar

Description: Color postcard of the Hotel Blazilmar, located at 107 Porter Street, directly across from the I&GN Railroad Depot. The name of the hotel is a combination of the three investors: Howard Bland, A.J. Zilker and T.W. Marse. This hotel was originally the Murphy Hotel until 1917.
Date: 1935
Item Type: Postcard

Alex Bain Blacksmithing

Description: Photograph of Alex Bain's blacksmith shop, showing a view from the street with three men in front of the shop, with horses and carriages in the street. A sign on the second story of the building reads "Horse Shoeing Shop."
Date: 190?
Item Type: Photograph

Country Club, Taylor, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Taylor Country Club, a private golfing club in the south hills of Taylor, Texas. The club house has a dining room and dressing rooms upstairs.
Date: 192?
Item Type: Postcard

Fire Truck and Fire Wagon

Description: Photograph of a motorized fire engine and a horsedrawn fire wagon at the Taylor Fire Department Station behind Taylor City Hall.
Date: 19??
Item Type: Photograph

Ed Hunke Bakery Wagon

Description: Photograph of Ed Hunke's bakery wagon, drawn by two horses through the muddy streets of Taylor. Shows Ed Hunke in the wagon, a man holding a basket standing next to him.
Date: 1926
Item Type: Photograph

Trains & Roundhouse

Description: Three photographs, with top photo showing trains on the track, with the Swift Building in the background; middle photo shows the roundhouse, bottom photo is a closer shot of two trains on the track.
Date: 193?
Item Type: Photograph

Mares Grocery Store

Description: Postcard of Mares Grocery Store, located at 117 N. Main, Taylor, Texas. Five men stand in center of floor, with merchandise and displays on either side.
Date: 1916
Item Type: Postcard

Smith Motor Company Interior

Description: Photograph of the Smith Motor Company interior with car, probably an early 1920's Ford Model T. Man behind counter is identified as Herbert N. Patterson. Dealership was located 406 Talbot Street, Taylor, Texas.
Date: 1923
Item Type: Photograph