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Saturday Afternoon

Description: Postcard of Second & Main Streets on a busy Saturday afternoon in Taylor. Note the horse-drawn carriages and wagons on the unpaved streets, and pedestrians in front the stores. No correspondence on the back of the postcard.
Date: 191?

Shade for the Parade

Description: Photograph of part of the crowd on the shady side of the street at the Annual Rodeo Parade on July 2, 1957. The temperatures were almost 100 degrees, so many viewers stayed in the shade of the buildings until the head of the parade come their way.
Date: 1957

Silver Bells

Description: Photograph of a float named "Silver Bells" in the Taylor Christmas Parade. Float is composed of three silver bells hanging over a flat float. Note spectators and parked cars in the background.
Date: 195?

Standing by the Car

Description: Photograph of two men and two women standing in front of 1930's Ford. Behind is a field with a few stalks of milo, or grain sorghum, still standing. From the Hugo Randig Estate, transferred from the Austin History Center.
Date: 193?

Star Tire Store

Description: Photograph of the Star Tire Store at 421 N. Main, at the southwest corner of 5th & Main Streets, Taylor. Note the visible gas tanks (glass tops of tanks) and the movie poster for "Susan Lenox: Her Rise and Fall" starring Greta Garbo in 1931.
Date: 1931