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Cotton Harvest

Description: Photograph of baled cotton coming being delivered to the warehouses prior to shipping by rail.
Date: September 11, 1959
Item Type: Photograph

Country Bridge

Description: Photograph of an unidentified road and bridge, in East Williamson County. From the Hugo Randig Estate, transferred from the Austin History Center.
Date: 1949
Item Type: Photograph

Country Club

Description: Color postcard of the Taylor Country Club, showing clubhouse and grounds.
Date: 193?
Item Type: Postcard

Country Club, Taylor, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Taylor Country Club, a private golfing club in the south hills of Taylor, Texas. The club house has a dining room and dressing rooms upstairs.
Date: 192?
Item Type: Postcard

Crowds Leaving Trades Day

Description: Photograph of the crowds leaving downtown Taylor at the end of Trades Day, July 9, 1923. Trades Day was sponsored by the big stores and businesses in downtown Taylor. There were sales and entertainment to draw shoppers into town. The C.O. Daliet Drugstore was located at 217 N. Main.
Date: 1923
Item Type: Photograph

Decorated for the Parade

Description: Photograph of an automobile decorated for a street parade, part of the celebration for the Taylor Fair, July 4, 1909. Louise Grau is the little girls in the back seat. Picture taken at Grau residence backyard, located 505 Washburn Street, Taylor.
Date: 1909
Item Type: Photograph

Decorated Pony Cart

Description: Photograph of a cart decorated in patriotic regalia for a parade. The cart contains a young boy and an older girl, both in costume. The cart is pulled by two white horses, with two African American men holding the bridles. Note the unpaved and muddy streets, and the Christian Church in the background, located at the corner of 6th Street and Talbot, Taylor.
Date: 1913
Item Type: Photograph

Dickey Clinic

Description: Photograph of the Dickey Clinic at 401 Bland Street, Taylor. The clinic opened in 1936; this picture was taken in 1955. Dr. Dickey was the African American doctor in Taylor who worked with city leaders to stop a typhoid epidemic in Taylor's poor districts.
Date: 1955
Item Type: Photograph

Drill Team In Parade

Description: Photograph of a drill team in the Taylor Rodeo Parade, Sept 14,1950. Picture taken from office window of Dr. E.M. Krenek, Dentist at 217 1/2 N. Main Street, Taylor.
Date: 1950
Item Type: Photograph

Early Parade

Description: Photograph of an early parade, view from the corner of Second Street, looking north on Main Street. Spectators stand at the edge of the muddy street.
Date: 1913
Item Type: Photograph

Ed Hunke Bakery Wagon

Description: Photograph of Ed Hunke's bakery wagon, drawn by two horses through the muddy streets of Taylor. Shows Ed Hunke in the wagon, a man holding a basket standing next to him.
Date: 1926
Item Type: Photograph

Ed Konarek Blacksmith Shop

Description: Photograph of two blacksmiths standing in front of Ed Konarek Blacksmith Shop, located on south Main Street in Taylor, Texas. Sign over the door reads "Blacksmith & Wood Shop."
Date: 191?
Item Type: Photograph

Elgin High School Band

Description: Photograph of the Elgin High School Band marching in the Taylor Christmas Parade, December 5, 1957. One of seven school bands in the parade. See story in the Taylor Daily Press, 12-8-1957.
Date: 1957
Item Type: Photograph

Fire Department

Description: Photograph of two fire trucks from the Taylor Fire Department in the driveway of the bays. The bays for the Taylor Fire Department are on the east end of Taylor City Hall.
Date: 1932
Item Type: Photograph

Fire Department, Taylor, Texas

Description: Postcard of the Taylor Fire Department, located at the back of Taylor City Hall. There were three bays for equipment. Pictured outside are a horse-drawn water wagon and a horse-drawn ladder wagon. Notice the white dog. There is correspondence in English written on the back of the card.
Date: 1907
Item Type: Postcard

Fire Truck and Fire Wagon

Description: Photograph of a motorized fire engine and a horsedrawn fire wagon at the Taylor Fire Department Station behind Taylor City Hall.
Date: 19uu
Item Type: Photograph