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Articles of agreement between H.C. Hudson and Elihu Moss : Washington, [Tex.], 1838 July 17.
Handwritten agreement regarding lease of land in Washington County with details of agreed upon improvements.
Copy of an unsigned letter discussing means to remove Zavala from Mexico State. Iguala. Jan. 8, 1833
Copy of an unsigned letter discussing means to remove Zavala from Mexico State. Iguala. Jan. 8, 1833. From the Carlos García y Arriaga Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection.
[Decrees of Mexican Government, dated November 2-4, 1822]
Act of installation of the Meeting... according to the imperial decree of 31 of the last Octe. Copy by Antonio de Mier, 6 l.s Signatories: Juan Francisco (Bishop of Durango), Antonio de Mier, and Francisco Velasco. Reference to: Election of Marquess of Castañiza; speech by Iturbide; text of Organic Bases of the National Meeting Instituyente, originally signed by Jose Manuel Herrera and rubric of Iturbide; siege of San Juan de Ulúa; administration of oath of office; text of speech by President; voting for officers; candidates: Castañiza, Juan Bautista de Arispe, José María Bocanegra, Bonifacio Fernández, Toribio González, Miguel Guridi y Alcocer, Pedro Labairu, Miguel Larrainaga, Ramón Martínez de los Ríos, Mariano Mendiola, Isidro Montúfar, Juan José Quiñones, Antonio José Valdez, Antonio Mier y Villagómez, and Lorenzo Zavala; list of members taking oath: José María Abarca, Antonio Aguilar, Mariano Aranda, Pascual de Aranda, Francisco Argandar, José María Becerra, Pedro Celis, José María Cobarrubias, Antonio Elosúa, Carlos Espinoza de los Monteros, Luciano Figueroa, Manuel Flores, Refugio de la Garza, Manuel Ignacio Gutiérrez, José Antonio Gutiérrez de Lara, Martín Inclán, Agustín de Iriarte, Antonio de Iriarte, Manuel López de la Plata, Ambrosio Martínez de Vea, Conde de Miraflores, Antonio Morales de Ibáñez, José Vicente Orrantes, Manuel Ortiz, Francisco Pérez Serrano, Marqués de Rayas. Joaquín Román, Francisco Ruiz, Francisco Uraga, Francisco Velasco, and Tomás Veltranena. Absent: Manuel Álvarez, Pedro Arroyabe, Simón Elías González, José Ignacio Esteva, Luis Mendizábal, Juan Nepomuceno Mier y Altamirano, Salvador Parras, José Francisco Peralta, and Jacinto Rubí, plus candidates. extra candidates. November 2, 1822. November 4, 1822. November 2, 1822. Herrera, Jose Manuel: List of the Delegated Gentlemen designated by S. M. I. so that they compose the Meeting that is to replace the extinguished Congress.... Mexico, Imperial Imprint. 1 l. f. 7-7v. Printed sheet with name of Jacinto Rubí ...
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1888 January 26.
Land Grant for 99 2/5 acres in Montague County.
[Letter from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Francisco Pizarro Martinez, June 5, 1836]
Letter from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Francisco Pizarro Martinez, from Velasco, Texas.
[Letter from Atilano Sanchez to Mariano, March 13, 1857]
Transmittal of copies of documents in the reform of the Fundación de la Obra Pía; efforts to save the organization from destruction; opposition of “los principales en lo científico” Juan José Espinosa de los Monteros, Juan Francisco Azcárate, and Andrés Quintana Roó, directed by Francisco Sánchez de Tagle; mercantile opposition by Lorenzo Carrera; benefits obtained by Lorenzo Zavala for editing the “Decreto sentencia expoliatoria”; financial support given group by Francisco González Agüero; opposition of deputies and senators; provisions of benefactress' will changed; appointment of Patronos; fear of ministry of Lerdo; election of president; fear of spending of all money derived from “tratado pendiente” with the United States; effort to withdraw Jesuits from supervision of the Obra pía; denuncia made by Promotor Robledo; appeal to Pedro Escudero; “El Impreso del S. Vélez”; exclusion of Jesuits from Hacienda pública confirmed by Santa Anna in 1843; limits on amortization.
[Letter to Carolyn M. Scott from her Grandmother]
Letter to Carolyn M. Scott from her grandmother.
[Letter to Carolyn Street Scott from her aunt Caroline McGuire, November 1904]
Letter to Carolyn Street Scott from her aunt Caroline McGuire, November 1904
[Letter to James H. Raymond from Sam Houston, October 1, 1943]
Letter to James H. Raymond requesting payment of $240 to L. Y. Torrey & Brothers from the Executive Contingent Fund (of which Raymond is acting treasurer). An additional note dated several weeks later notes receipt of the money.
[Letter to Thomas M. Scott from Mr. and Mrs. C.I. Scofield, November 17, 1904]
Letter from Dr. and Mrs. C.I. Scofield congratulating Thomas McGee Scott on his engagement.
[Letter to Tom and Carolyn from Mary Foshee Scott]
Letter to Carolyn Street and Tom Scott from his mother, Mary Foshee Scott.
[Letter to Tom Scott from a classmate]
Letter to Tom Scott from a classmate, congratulating him on his engagement.
[Letter to Tom Scott from Caroline McGuire]
Letter to Tom Scott from Carolyn Street's aunt, Caroline McGuire.
[Letter to Tom Scott from his father, April 12, 1904]
Letter to Tom Scott from his father, upon Tom's engagement.