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Historic Plaque, Gunfight at the Lampasas Saloon
Photograph of a historic marker in Lampasas. It reads: "In the early 1870s Lampasas was a wild frontier town. In January 1873 Sheriff S.T. Denson was shot while arresting brothers Wash and Mark Short. The district judge sent men to apprehend the Short brothers, but the posse was stopped by Ben, Tom, and Mart Horrell and several others. Sheriff Denson and the justices of the peace of Lampasas County appealed to Governor Edmund J. Davis for the assistance of the State Police. On February 10, Governor Davis issued a proclamation prohibiting the carrying of sidearms in Lampasas. On March 14, Captain Thomas Williams and seven state policemen entered Lampasas to enforce the proclamation. The State Police immediately arrested Bill Bowen for carrying a gun in town. Bowen persuaded Captain Williams and two of his men to enter Jerry Scott's Lampasas Saloon, this led to a gunfight between the State Police and the Horrell brothers and their associates. Three officers were killed in the saloon and a fourth was fatally wounded while trying to escape. The police were buried in Lampasas, but Captain Williams was reinterred in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. More State Police came to Lampasas and joined forces with the sheriff and Lampasas and Burnet County Minute Men companies to search for the Horrell Gang. They arrested four men connected with the incident. In early May the Horrell gang attacked the Georgetown Jail and released Mart Horrell and Jerry Scott form custody. The Horrell gang remained in the Lampasas area until September when they left for New Mexico. In 1874 they returned to Lampasas. In 1876 the Horrell brothers stood trial for the murder of the State Police, but were found not guilty. (2000)"
Historic Plaque, Horrell-Higgins Feud
Photograph of a historic plaque in Lampasas, Texas. It reads: "Horrell-Higgins Feud. The Horrell and Higgins families were among the early settlers of Lampasas County. Tom, Mart, Merritt and Sam Horrell were accused of many crimes, including cattle rustling and murder. Pink Higgins was a cattleman and trail driver who, in 1876, began accusing the Horrell brothers of stealing his cattle. On January 22, 1877, Pink Higgins shot and killed Merritt Horrell in the Gem Saloon. This was the beginning of a six-month battle between the Horrell brothers and Pink Higgins, Bob Mitchell, Bill Wren and their followers. On March 26, Tom and Mart Horrell were ambushed on their way into Lampasas. Captain John C. Sparks of the Texas Rangers went in pursuit, but no one was captured. Higgins remained a fugitive, but eventually surrendered and was ordered to appear in court. On June 4, the Lampasas County District Clerk's office was burglarized and District Court records were destroyed. Three days later, the biggest battle of the feud took place on the public square on Lampasas; one man from each side was killed. Major John B. Jones, Commander of the Texas Ranger Frontier Battalion, came to Lampasas and sent Sergeant N. O. Reynolds and a company of Rangers out to capture the Horrells. The brothers were arrested and agreed to make peace by sending a letter of reconciliation to the Higgins party. This treaty was the formal end to one of the worst feuds in Texas history. What was perhaps the true termination of the feud came in 1878 in the town of Meridian, when Tom and Mart Horrell were murdered in their jail cell by a vigilante mob. Sam Horrell left Texas, resettled in Oregon and died of old age. Pink Higgins eventually settled near Spur in West Texas ...
Korean and Vietnam War Memorial, Lampasas County
Photograph of the Korean and Vietnam War Memorial in Lampasas, Texas. It reads: "Korean War, June 25, 1950 to January 31, 1955. Vietnam War, December 22, 1961 to May 7, 1975. Frank Alexander; James L. Childress; Stephen A. De Santis; Patrick M. Goble; Robert Bailey Green; Billy G. Insall; Doyd D. O'Neal; Clifford Earl Poe Jr.; John Clyde Roberts; Charles Ricky LaBounty. Erected by Lampasas County Historical Commission; Lampasas County Commissioners Court; American Legion Post 277 and Aux Lampasas; American Legion Post 116 Lometa; Amvets Post 80 and Aux Lampasas; DAV Chapter 67 Lampasas; VFW Post 3393 and Aux Kempner; VFW Post 8539 and Aux Lampasas; Individual Contributors. Memorial dedicated November 11, 1989."
Lampasas County Courthouse, Diebold safe door
Photograph of a Diebold safe door at the Lampasas County Courthouse. The text on the door reads: "Diebold Safe & Lock Co. Canton, O."
Lampasas County Courthouse, interior detail
Close-up view of the detail of trim at the Lampasas County Courthouse.
Lampasas County Courthouse, machine works for the clock tower
Photograph of the machine works for the clock tower in the Lampasas County Courthouse. The machine is painted green, and is kept behind glass.
Lampasas street scene
Photograph of a street scene in Lampasas by the County Courthouse. Several cars are parked in front of retailers including Bluestar Jewelers, Wieser, and H&R Block.
Rutland's, Lampasas
Rutland's, Lampasas
World War I Memorial, Lampasas County
In Honor of those members of the United States Armed Forces from Lampasas County who died while serving our country in time of war. World War I, April 16, 1917 to November 11, 1918. Will H. Abney; Coner Alexander; Owen B. Butts; Raymond B. Chambliss; Elbert S. Cook; Ed Cummins; Justin Dorbandt; Fred Francis Clint R. Hall; Cech R. Jones; Aubrey Lancaster; Milus Little; John W. McCann; Grover McConathy; Garnett E. McMillan; Charles J. Moore; Benton M Northington; Paul A. O'Keefe; Manning Pettit; W. T. Rush; Walter Skaggs; Louis G. Spangler; Sanford B. Stinson; Morris B. Tittle.
World War II Memorial, Lampasas County
World War II, December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946. Aron Archer; Vernon A. Baker; Johnnie E. Bullion; Floyd W. Burns; Marshall R. Carpenter; Lloyd L. Cockrell; Clayton L. Cowan; Teddie O. Craft; Miguel Delgado; Jesus C. Garcia; Lee L. Hall; James E. Hartley; Clarence N. Jones; Charlie Leon Lagrone; John M. Long; Frank Longoria Jr.; Floyd C. Mariott; Ordray M. McAllister; Roy Lewis McMillan; Theodore W. Mayben; Raymond E. Miller; Green B. Chambers; Edwin N. Mitchell; Marion H. Murphy; D. W. Neal; V. H. O'Hair; Rafe A. Parker; Chester A. Patterson; Troy B. Renfro; Arthur M. Reynolds Jr.; Julian R. Rogers; Otis C. Smith; Maynard G. Snell; William D. Spurlin; Henry L. Stock; Prentice L. Tubbs; Richard Weldon Turnbo; Dewey L. Ban Liew; Leonard Williams; Winifred E. Williams; Joe E. Wolf; Paul A. Wright; Daniel A. Yancy; Johnie Lynn Phinney; William Thurman Willy.