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[Base of a Statue]
Photograph of the base of a statue on the courthouse grounds in Crockett County, Texas. The text reads: "'The Tie That Binds' by Judy Black, December, 1996. A Heritage Appreciation sculpture dedicated to the pioneers of Crockett County". The courthouse and several parked cars are visible in the background.
Crockett County Courthouse, Ozona
Photograph of the Crockett County Courthouse in Ozona, Texas, a stone building with a green roof. There are cars parked outside the courthouse.
Crockett County Courthouse, Ozona
Photograph of the Crockett County Courthouse in Ozona, Texas. It is a stone building with a green roof. There are cars parked around the building.
Crockett County Courthouse, Ozona, historic plaque
Photograph of a historic marker on the Crockett County Courthouse building. It reads: "Crockett County Courthouse, built 1902. Second courthouse for county. American Gothic architecture, planned by Oscar Ruffini, San Angelo. Material is fine stone quarried nearby on Meyer and Couch Properties. Cost $30,000. Early day community social center. Used for cowboy dances, box suppers, Christmas trees, roundup celebrations. In 1909 Arc light was added to steeple to signal sheriff and guide travelers to town. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1966."
Crockett County Museum, side view
Photograph of the Crockett County Museum. A couple trees have grown as tall as the building. The museum handicap entrance is visible to the left, and there is a red car parked on the right.
Crockett Memorial, Ozona. "Be sure you are right, then go ahead."
Photograph of a Crockett Memorial in Ozona, Texas. The memorial says: "Be sure you are right, then go ahead," and flowers have been placed in front of it. There is a plaque in the ground in front of the memorial.
Crockett Memorial, Ozona, plaque
Photograph of a plaque at the foot of the Crockett memorial in Crockett County. It reads: "William Mozart McVey. 1905-1995. A versatile sculptor of people, animals, birds and religious symbols, McVey attended the University of Texas and taught art there and at Rice University. He played football at Rice under the legendary coach John Heisman in 1924. McVey studied and taught at Cranbrook Art Institute, graduated from the Cleveland Art Institute, was a U. S. Air Force Major in World War II and taught plane and ship silhouette recognition to allied forces. Outstanding sculptures include: Winston Churchill, British Embassy, Washington D.C.; the frieze at the base of the San Jacinto Monument, Houston; James Bowie, Texarkana, Texas; bronze doors, University of Texas Memorial Museum, Austin; bronze doors, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. and sculptured niches, National Cathedral, Washington D.C. This Art Deco style sculpture of David Crockett, hero of the Alamo, was done in 1938."
Gazebo on courthouse grounds, Ozona
Photograph of the gazebo on courthouse grounds in Ozona. It is decorated with red, white, and blue streamers and American flags.
Inventory of county records, Crockett County courthouse, Ozona, Texas
Inventory of the records of Crockett County. Begins with an introduction and explanation of the roles of various county government offices. Describes the records of the Commissioners' Court, County Clerk, County Court, District Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Tax Assessor-Collector, Treasurer, Auditor, and School Superintendent. Also includes a listing of Crockett County Records and an index.
Ozona High School Auditorium
Ozona High School Auditorium, built 1931.
Ozona Junior High School, historic plaque
"Ozona Junior High School. The first permanent school building in Ozona; constructed of native limestone in 1910-12, when Ozona was only 21 years old. The heating and ventilating system, never before used in the state when installed here, is still in operation daily. County school superintendent and judge, C. E. Davidson, was the general foreman of construction. Walter Kyle Oversaw stonework. Building was financed by sale of $75,000 of long-term bonds. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1968."
Ozona Junior High School, side view
Ozona Junior High School
The Tie that Binds by Judy Black
Sculpture by Judy Black, the Tie that Binds on the courthouse grounds, Ozona
The Tie that Binds by Judy Black, plaque
"The Tie that Binds by Judy Black. Honorariums. Placed in the downtown park in December 1996, this heritage appreciation sculpture was sponsored by the Ozona Woman's Forum. The board of directors consisted of representative from each of the civic organizations in Crockett County. Marolyn Bean, Chairman; Shirley Kirby, Co-Chairman; Dan Pullen, Treasurer; Shannon Hunnicutt, Secretary; Barbara Carter, Grants; Jack Baggett, Jr.; Raymond Borrego; Norma Carson; Elizabeth Clark; Beverly Evans; Martha Gries; Len Hillman; Benny Gail Hunnicutt; Camille Jones; Mary Lou Lilly; Barbara Malone; Mary Jo Mason; Dorothy Montgomery; Vicki Stokes; Frank Tambunga"