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The National Cooperative Soil Survey of the United States

Description: Document describes the origins and history of the Soil Survey with an emphasis on the time periods of 1899-1912, 1912-1920, 1920-1933, and 1933-1952. "For each of the four chronological periods, a brief introductory chapter describes the general political and administrative environment then prevailing, and a summary of the progress of the Soil Survey achieved under such an environment." (p. 36) Also provides information on early soil sampling, typing, mapping, and interpretation. Also tells about the coordination of the National Cooperative Soil Survey and developments in the National Cooperative Soil Survey from 1952-1957.
Date: October 1998
Creator: Gardner, David Rice

Warriors of Color

Description: This text is a compilation of genealogical information regarding 63 African-American "Buffalo Soldiers" enlisted in the U.S. Army. The entries include biographical notes, timelines, and transcripts of documents related to service in the military and life afterward. Index starts on page 520.
Date: 1995
Creator: Sayre, Harold Ray